Army Green B Fleet to be hired from civilian sources

Discussion in 'REME' started by gundog, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. By 2025, the entire green B fleet will be provided on a lease basis from a pool of civilian vehicles. As and when the Army requires vehicles then the holder will release vehicles to units concerned. When not required the vehicles are free to be released to non-military usage.

    This will reduce the workload on supporting LADs in that the requirement to MEI the vehicle will fall on the provider and not the unit. Similarly major repairs will be done likewise, the costs borne in the rates of hire. This will provide savings in manhours and money allowing craftsmen of the future to have time to partake in adventurous training, attend courses, fit in a full leave year and put an end to overtime.
  2. Is it 1st of the 4th already?

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  3. By 2025? Surely some mistake? Isn't that what we do now and our soldiers subsequently spend all their time on adv trg and taking their full entitlement of leave? And then he woke up.... :lol:

  4. no it isn't nor is it the glorious twelth when the grouse are about. I have it from a good source via the BBC
  5. No litotes, I am referring to the compete handover of the B fleet to civilian ownership, we will only use them as and when required. It will be the natural extension of WFM which like the AFPRB promises so much but gives so little
  6. Given that there are a heap of perfectly good LR green 90/110 on the square at Warminster for back-loading, while the Plain is covered in LR hired in from SHB 4x4 nothing would surprise me.

    The other fun idea will be when we actually try to deploy the green fleet plus the vehicles which will magically arrive from industry "just in time" under WFM. You really think the politicians will press "Go" in time or that Landrover will leap at the chance to down tools and start knocking out Wolf by the dozen....

    If so can I have some of what you are smoking ?
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  7. No in time of National UK Emergency the vehicles will be there ready to go. I have seen the future.
  8. And the money projected to be 'saved' in such an enterprise will pale into insignificance and run into a more costly debit as against the MOD in favour of the manufacturer as part of the lease package!

    It will happen with the inevitability of a Greek Tragedy!

    If there is one thing the Government do very well, it is to waste public money in initiatives such as this which cost more than they are designed to save!

    I have not seen the future - I have simply looked at the present!
  9. Bear in mind that while the B vehicle is not being used by the Military it will be free to hire at a slightly cheaper commercial cheaper rate. Such cheaper rate avaliable as recompense to the civvy hirer in case the military takes the wagon and theuy need a replacement.
  10. Thank you Gundog.

    Regards and best wishes
  11. Okay, so i am not high enough on the food chain to know how all this sub contracting to a private company works.... but something along the lines of getting some other company to own and maintain the vehicles and then to hire them as needed, works out to be cheaper. I can see this going horribly wrong. As with any thing, you get another company in, subcontracting, you are bringing more people in to the equation to pay, and the more people who need paying is great for the economy but hardly saves money. Another case of New Labour accounting...... and on the same day they bring out the report on the PPP on the London Underground, simply put it does not work!
  12. Ha ha Gundog me old fruit free base Crack really will show up on CDT!
    With nowt to fix the Craftsmen of the future wont have a job to do and will be much easier to assimilate into the RLC! Look at some of the bright ideas lately Armr/Gun Fitter-Loss of Sparks-RD mag to grid-VMA/B/U we go round and round in circles all the time. We already have much to schinth about in our glorious Corps please dont make it worse!
    Ha ha good stories for the 'Duty of I Dont Care' biffs to tell the Crow at ArBordonfield (or is it St Athan yet?) at bedtime when its lights out time.
    I can see it now....
    'And then the good little Craftsmen didnt have to do any work and could go on Adv Trg and do courses and stuff and play on their playstations and text all day long although they still had to wear covies in case the bad men came. With everything rosie the 'Cratsmen of the future' (as the only trade in REME was called by then) sat back and relaxed, the world was such a nice place in 2025 and they all lived happily ever after!'
  13. They've already done it with the 'a' and 'c' vehicle fleets with WFM and PFI(ALC), this is probably an inevitability, just suprising that it is so far away really.

    We are in the throes of handing over to ALC at the moment, i don't think i will see the proper results because of the frequency of postings, but isn't that always the way?!
  14. well gundog if this is all to come true there will be no need for craftsmen and if we will still have craftsmen how good will they realy be?

    having spent all that time on leave and adv training and never seeing the inside of a tool box.

    but i see the way forward in ES as bleek, we are expensive, dirty, smelly bunch of higly versitile tradesmen who seem to always get the job done with less and less manpower and spares. But are being phased out for the more cheaper (ha ha) civi contractors. take ALC for instance its a nice little earner when u think how much they have been paid for that contract.
  15. Its a good job that there are so many companies kitted out with the latest proven military spec vehicles isn't it? IRR paint, cupolas, IR headlight switches, sparten cabs. Or are the army going to get one of everything from a dozen sources plus spares in an emgergency? Also please inform me of just what use a civillian has for a 4 ton equivilent TCV? If you look at most civvy commercial vehicles these days you will find vary little similarity between them and their military versions.
    The BBC eh? Staright from the asses mouth then.