"Army goes on strike - Firemen to serve in Kosovo"

Just a quickie to say that many firefighters are ex-services and know what it is like in the mob. Perhaps that is why they left and joined the fire service, many of them becoming trade union reps in the process - because they care about what happens to their colleagues.


That I feel is a tad bit harsh Mr Reid after all you now saying that we don't care for our colleagues??  You seem to want to really upset people.  We live, work and spend almost 24 hours a day with the people we work with how often as a fireman can you say that??  As don't you go home of an evening/morning when your shift has finished?  Correct me if I am wong there!

Hey Sniper we're still in Cyprus but we've been warned off that when we gt back in December that we too will be on Fire Fighting duty and as you can imagine we're impressed too.  NOT!!!
Hello again Cloud_Puncher,

I'm sorry if you think I was being a tad harsh in my previous post. Actually the point I was making in my post was the fact that all ex-forces types care for their colleagues. It shows in how we deal with people and the situations we find ourselves in. One benefit of that is the fact that many become union officials to take their concern one stage further.

I'm also sorry about your POTL. As I mentioned in another thread it sounds as if you and your mates are being victimised by your political masters.

Good luck m8 and I hope Cyprus is still nice and warm. I'm not really jealous, what with the gales and all tearing up the country. Mind you plenty of work for us so I shouldn't complain, more brownie points with the press methinks.

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