Army getting Ripped Off - examples please

While on a course at Mortar Div, one of the students lost the power cable for the new Fire Control Applications ( FCA ) computer - the MFDC / AFDC replacement.

He was presented with a bill for a sum in excess of £200....having a degree of nouse, he realised that the FCA cable was a standard IEC cable, and legged it down to Maplins in Warminster where he bought the said item for around, erm, £4.00.

Call me old fashioned, but does this not sound like a good old MoD rip off from the civvie contractors?

FCA is a darn good piece of kit, mind.....
Nothing new there the public sector is routinely screwed by private companies over stupid things like this. You can't entirely blame the suppliers though, a lot of responsibility must lie with the people who control these things for not spotting when they're being ripped off or not being bothered enough to do anything about it. Every issue of Private Eye has a story about some company like the infamous Crapita ripping off the Government to provide late and/or incompetant equipment and services and then getting another contract to do the same again.

A classic is the Research Machines PCs that infest schools all over the country, at one point they cost at up to twice as much as a similarly specced machine from most other suppliers yet schools and LEAs keep buying them. I can never see why the Head of IT can't just buy a few boxes of components and make Sixth Form I.T. and electronics pupils assemble them.
One of my staff recently caused some damage to a self-drive MOD lease vehicle, which necessitated some paintwork being done. Initially it went to the lease companies appointed workshop, who charged £300. I signed off the bill, but a month later was told that they hadn't actually done all the work, and were now demanding a further £1600 to finish it, and no courtesy car.

Car taken to local bodyshops for quotes, and job done for £200, with loan car.
Cougar vehicle mounted antenna I snapped off whilst driving past a 'half way up' checkpoint barrier. Quoted £300 to replace and it was just the fixing bolt that had snapped, possible cost from B&Q = 50p. Even talk of putting me on orders for damaging it ! Lucky the sigs detachment were nice chappies, and a case of beer later resulted in a visit to B&Q and a fixed antenna.
Recently a mobile air traffic control tower was needed for a sandy place.

Sen RAF ATC officer said it could be acquired quickly in UK. Civil servants said they'd located a used one in Germany and it was on its way here.

At the handover...

RAF officer: Why is it on a low loader rather than being driven here, since it's a mobile piece of kit?

Civ servant: When it arrived we found it hadn't got an MOT and we couldn't get one because it needs a bit of work.

RAF officer: Where are the safety certificates for all the kit in it, and the NDT testing on the stabilisers?

Civ servant: What certificates?

RAF Tech: So how do we know that it all works and is safe?

Civ servant: There's a plate on the cabin

RAF Tech: It 's dated 1985. What about the updates?

Civ servant: Updates?

RAF Officer: It's obsolete, it doesn't work and it's unroadworthy. Nice try, but I suggest you send it back and don't pay for it....

Civ servant: Doh!

The latest kit costs £200k, the civil servants wasted £150k on this heap of crap because they wouldn't listen to the people who actually use the kit.
Demanding (correctly) a new Ptarmigan RR First Aid Box at a cost of £72 in order to peel off the sticker, because the new regulations state that it needs a green cross, not a red cross. The green cross sticker (cost £1.99) doesn't have an NSN, so the procedure is to order the next item up the chain....

On a course at an unspecified location near Ashford, Kent in 1979, I broke a window in one of the TDY portakabins behind the Sgts' Mess (while trying desparately to shut the damned thing).

A Technician (Windows) was despatched by rail from Portakabin HQ (Leicester, I believe) with a new piece of 3'X2' glassy, transparent; he fitted it and went home. I got the bill, which wiped out most of my months' salary. Mindboggling.
I have a Wheelbarrow and it is rumoured to cost 230000 of our finest British Pounds.

Its an Alvis Wheelbarrow, not one that is full of shit.

It just is Shit :lol:

Even at that price it breaks down about once a week, but so does a CR2 and they cost about 4million a piece.

Remember - Buy British

What about this new 4x4 vehicle they've ordered. It looks like a Hmvee but an I correct in assuming that it's a less capable european copy that will cost far more than just buying hummers off the Yanks?
Oshkosh rather than Multidrive. Buy Spam, pay over the odds for spare to keep them roadworthy, pay for all of the mods to make them conform with BSO and then spend ages fixing them when they break down with huge lead times parts that are unique. Or they could have just ordered the Multidrive and saved the grief and the expense.

Thanks spods in Main Bldg! :roll:
A lot of the people that sell to the MOD are EX services.......they know we have to buy overpriced cack. Its about time the management and buyers stopped drinking tea and said......'f..k you we're going to B+Q'.
Read soemthing in the Sun yesterday / day before. In simple terms the MOD was scrapping yet another IT project (this time based on a DLO 'requirement'). Reason? It was going to be out of date before it got up and running. (Where have we heard that before?). And this is the good news / bad news bit. Good news - some of the hardware could be recovered 'saving £12m. Bad news - whole system cost £140m. Hurrah!

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