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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dogwalker, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Hi there

    I am not in the Army but would like a bit of advice from anyone of you lot who are.

    I have an old CWC mechanical G10 watch whis has had its day and wish to replace it. What is the current standard G10 watch now? I gather looking at the net CWC had a quartz version with a battery hatch on the back up to the late 1990s. This was replaced by a Pulsar at about that time. But I gather that the CWC is back again both in the battery hatch type and a snap on back type.

    So which is the current type and is CWC better then Pulsar as I have heard that Pulsar was not that good?

    Just out of interest do you all get a watch issued or only certain trades. Do you keep it through your service life or only on a need to have bases and then return it to stores.

    Many thanks for your help.
  2. Unless you are a horologist, you need to get out more.

    On balance, even if you are a horologist, you still need to get out more.

  3. CWC is the issue watch; Silvermans are the authorised retailer, so they are expensive. The commonest version is probably the MWC, which is a crap looky-likey, often sold as 'genuine issue'. You might be interested in the Broadarrow G10 from Timefactors. Timefactors is run by Eddie Platts, who's ex RHA. Nice watches and excellent service.
  4. Vb, do you have one of these broadarrow G10'S? How do they rate to the CWC?
  5. I have both, BBR, and in my view the Broadarrow is at least as good as the CWC, and considerably cheaper.
  6. Thanks for the info. I managed to get a decent CWC in the end.

    So i gather the Pulsar is no longer issued and we are back with the CWC again?

    Thanks again
  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    There are various threads on this, but the CWC quartz G10 watch is a serious bargain, even from Silvermans. You basically pay about £70-80 for a watch which would cost around £300 on civvy strasse. The MWC G10 watches are made to the same spec and are fine, though you should watch out for some of their other types which are cheap lookalikes.
  8. I have just ordered a CWC G10 from this link

    New crystal (well plastic) and serviced which I presume means new battery. New strap also (like a saddie I went for the "James Bond" strap.) This seller seems to be highly rated on the linked forum. I will let you know how I get on.

    Thanks for the Broadarrow link VB, I might try them too in the future.
  9. We sell both new MWC and reconditioned CWC and the facts are that current MWC are probably as good as CWC and certainly offer excellent value when compared together. I am selling a 15 year old CWC for more than a brand new MWC to make it even worthwhile selling the CWC.

    The new 2005 pattern MWC is better than the CWC and is due soon (end of September) we have had a prototype and it is greatly improved.

    The main changes are:

    CWC uses crystal glass (Plastic) MWC is using proper hardened glass. MWC is retaining the battery hatch so you can still change your own battery, and the case is heavier. MWC are also producing a fixed pin and PVD version. We are looking at pricing at the moment and hope too bring the new model in under £50.

    The most common questions I get asked by customers is why are MWC cheaper? Is MWC better or worse than CWC? and why are you selling cheaper than MWC themselves?

    MWC are cheaper than CWC because of the volume they produce. CWC only produce sufficient for contract and retail through Silvermans, MWC produce for contract and retail in dealerships Worldwide. An average run for MWC on a G10 runs into the 1000's

    CWC are a high quality watch and as many of you will know, they are very tough. That is why I am happy to sell reconditioned ones. MWC offer better value and with their new range, possibly better quality or at least as good. They are both made in Switzerland and use similar movements.

    We sell cheaper than MWC because we pick up end of contract stock. For example MWC will get an order for 10,000 G10's but produce 10,500 to allow for damages, movement faults etc. This will leave them with a few hundred perfect ones surplus to contract. They keep some for their own shop in Switzerland and we buy the surplus stock, we get them at a good price and pass this saving on.

    I know roughly what CWC watches are on contract and I don't think £89 offers good value from Silvermans. I would rather pay £39.99 for an MWC especially if I knew it was going to get battered.

    One final point. There are both CWC and MWC 'copies' out there. If you are buying a new CWC from anyone other than Silvermans then it is nearly sure to be a copy. With MWC, if you are not sure of the dealer then contact MWC and see if they are genuine. A load of MWC 'copy' divers watches were sold on ebay but they put the wrong markings on the watch. These were actually Chinese clones.
  10. My CWC G10 from RLT has arrived, and I am very happy. The crystal is as advertised, new, the James Bond strap is very fetching, certainly better looking in real life than in pics and the rest of the watch does not have a scratch on it. What with a service done also then this 1999 vintage CWC is as new, and for £60 that is not bad. The postage is also next day recorded. They even set the right time for me. Recommended.
  11. You could have had one from us for £39.99 inc Special Delivery with new strap + spare battery

  12. Anchor Surplus in Nottingham do them as well. New and seggy hand.
  13. If they are selling new CWC then beware as Silvermans are the only official retail outlet for CWC.
  14. Milwatches, be sure to bump this thread back up when you have pics and more info about your latest model. I am interested, but went with a CWC first, as, no disrespect intended, wanted the "real" thing and did not realise you also supplied CWC. I may eventually get a few of these watches, so keep us updated.