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I know it's a bit old...but is this still the case?

...wibble...wibble...hatstand... :D
The MoD use The Priory in Chelmsford, Essex. One of the foremost centres in the country for dealing with psychiatric illnesses.

PS. Not that I've been there, a friend told me ....... err.... :wink:
When people post articles you have to remember that they may have hidden agendas.

Also the true stats needed to be observed, not what the author says (never take for granted what some person says in medical publications 8O )

Finally this was observed in 1999, some 5 years ago and 4 years from when the article was published.

Have things come on since then? Only a RMN can answer that one :twisted:

Over to you QAs out there :p
There have been a few recent shakeups of the psychiatry services in the Forces.

As far as I understand, the 'acute' psychiatry services have all been transferred to 'The Priory' clinics around the country, as it was recognised that this would provide a better service to our soldiers.

Our own Mental Health nurses still look after the Community services.

So, whatever the journal might have claimed then, it has changed now.....
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The Priory! :lol:
when did broadmoor change it's name? :wink: :twisted:
About two days after you got out C_C :roll:

I have examined some inmates from broadmoor, and you do seem to be the type :wink:
who said I am actually out? :D
then you are doing well to type with that straight jacket on, 8O

don't tell me how I don't want to know :oops:
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He has to keep cleaning the keyboard, keeps getting sticky for some reason 8O
honest it is just that holding the pen in my mouth, tapping on keys makes me dribble :wink:
they let you have a pen 8O , standards are slipping, the last note I saw looked like it was written in crayon, held in a fist :D
Techtechtech said:
I have examined some inmates from broadmoor, and you do seem to be the type :wink:
I used to play football in the same league as as team called Patmoor (Patients of Broadmoor). They only played home games and the cheering supporters would encourage their team with shouts like;

'Shoot !!!! You always have before' :D
'Don't tackle him. Hack him down' :D
'You must be mad to have missed that goal' :D

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