Army - full of poofs

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by das_n00b, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Just wanted to say i recently quit training at winchester after being twatted on the head with a rifle by a moron for no particular reason and sexually harassed by a young homo who for whtever god forsaken reason thought i was too and didn't give up when i told him i wasn't. I also noticed that most of the corporals and officers were queers as well, some of the corporals were tuly sickening. Also they have cameras and mics in all the accom. rooms, the naafi, and even the showers!!!! If that is the army then b*llocks to it. Got that off my chest.
  2. Bye then big boy.

    (Gissa kiss. ;) )
  3. Meanwhile on earth in the real world.................
  4. Was just quite surprised at the level of gayness in the army is all
  5. Its the best part!
  6. You quit, a loser who couldn't hack it f*ck off civvie sh*te.
  7. This has got to be a Wah, please tell me it is................
  8. I see you were joining the AGC as a clerk.

    Yep, they are all gay.

    Suprised you didn't figure it out earlier.

    Blokes wanting to be secretaries. Not exactly 'boys own hero' stuff is it?
  9. cameras and mics in the accom and showers, really, bore off you nonce.
  10. Coooo eeeee, you coming to join the navy then?
  11. das knob, stop hiding behind this gay charade, you couldn't hack it.
  12. Yes I could i can go back if i want just i'm scared of poofs i can also join the rmp, also the loon that hit me on the head with a rifle wasn't a poof just an air corps nutter
  13. Cheers for confirming my suspicions
  14. mkaes me laugh i remember talking to a lad who was about 18 who was joining the rlc and he was telling me how annoyed he was that he couldn't get in the agc lmao
  15. Its a shame he didn't hit you with a 30mm chain gun.

    I really don't think the army would want a softy walter, cries off to mummy type like you anyway.

    Scared of poofs? You show all the signs of a rampant closet homosexual, sweety.