Army Freebies???

Hello all.

Currently our Regt is planning to be auctioning a "Day with the Regiment". The aim is to entertain, raise the profile and, raise some funds for a charity called Step Up. Step Up aim to entertain Children who have suffered through domestic violence.

Ladies and gents im after finding if anyone knows where i can get hold of any Army freebies such as the hats, caps torches etc.

Thanks, please PM me if you can help
I'm off to see the man who holds the keys to the store (so to speak) on behalf of another ARRSEr, so I shall get you some of whatever they've got as well.
Paymaster said:
Try your local Recruiting Office, they often have wee things to give away.

Gives me a thought, i wonder how many pax we have on ERE ACIO's. They will be getting a phone call pretty soon.


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