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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by the_best_of_boro, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. for people out there that wanna know what its like dont listen to the poeple how talk shit about the place , ask some1 whos been there onlt way you'll find out so if uve got any questions than ask !
  2. Cheers for the advice. I'd never have managed without it. Fu-ck me, without wisdom like that, I doubt I'd have ever made it to tomorrow morning.
  3. Is that english? Can anyone translate it for the rest of us who havent been trained at an AFC so wont have learned this language.
  4. They must have changed the syllabus, I was there in 1999 and there were no language courses on then. These kids joining now get it all, don't they?
  5. I think he might be an AFC reject on grounds he cant use the english language.
  6. nah not a reject from there just never managed to pass my communication skills level 2
  7. So, the penny drops.
  8. They want you to pass level 2, who did you cheat from to get past level 1?
  9. dint you know you go to harrogate do nothing for a year and miraculosly leave there with loads of qualifications even though u cant write proper english !
  10. Wow, why do we allow retarded fu.cks like this on our forum..?
  11. I dont know dear but I worked there for a year and left with less quals than I arrived with which were still many grades higher than those you clearly went there to fail.
    And I would be shocked if anyone who has ever been there would describe the process as 'miraculous' for any of the quals they leave with, and they do teach proper english clearly those were the lessons you slept through.
  12. I want to know, how much education do you have per week and how is it structured?

  13. Why do we let abusive idiots like you on this forum?
  14. He's certainly something special, not everyone who went through the AFC is like that, I went through in 2001... LOL.