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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Legs, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. My son, who is now 14 and in his 1st GCSE year, fancies going to the Army Foundation College in Harrogate when he is 16. It has been his dream for as long as he can remember to join up and be a Medic.

    Are there any Arrsers out there who can give him a 'from the coalface' look at life at AFC, rather than just the glossy brochure full of smiling, fresh faced youg guys and girls?

    What effect will AFC have on his career? What if he decides while there that commissioning is the way ahead for him?

    Any sensible advice?
  2. The reason the kids are all smiley in the brochure is because it's really that good. It's like the holiday that even the weather can't ruin!

    Reality is that places are all dependant on GCSE results, trade and capbadge. Currently, there are no Medics at AFC. (though I'd be happy to be corrected).

    Implications on career? Though the top brass avoid the comparisons, AFC is basically junior leaders ie: these recruits will be the future CSMs/SSMs/RSMs etc. As for commisioning, that all depends on the applicants potential and career, though in theory, that could take 25years (1 year at AFC + 24 year career), so if a commission is what is actually being sought, then look towards getting A & A* in Eng, Maths and sciences and look towards Wellbeck NOW. Search for it on Google/Armynet etc.

    Best Of Luck.
  3. Visited AFC quite a few times when I was a Recruiter with teachers over the last three years and recently when my son passed out from there. Absolutely brilliant place, great facilities and watch your son mature from a kid to an adult soldier. There getting paid for an education (over £230 a week) and get to go abroad on Adventure Trg and other trips and tons of sporting activities. Currently as said medics go to ADC Bassingbourn though but things change in the recruiting world all the time. Pm me with any specific questions legs.
  4. Was there the other day and there are Medics crawling about.
  5. i went to afc last year with a mixed response.

    i had an absalutely fantastic time and had the opertunity to take park in a number of fantastic things such as skiing and other adventurouse training, but we were 16yr olds being treated like 6 yr olds.

    i ca not someone who doesnt like a bit of hard work, but spending the best part of a year bulling the sshit pan seems a waste of a great resorse.

    i was meant to be going to welbeck but was talked into harrogate. when i flagged up the commisioning question i was basicly told fcuk off!

    dont get me wrong, harrogate is a really fantastic place for initiating someone into the army, but ask a few more questions, dont just read the brochure
  6. I'm currently a section commander at the AFC, and I can honestly say that it is a fantastic place for 16 year old potential soldiers. The JS (junior soldiers) are given more opprotunity's for travel and adventure training than you can shake a sh**y stick at. They are taken to a far higher level of "basic" training than thier counterpart "adult recruits", which gives them a firm understanding of low level infantry tactics, military skills, and literacy, numeracy and IT skills, and which also instills the Corps values over the course of a year. All in all, this provides the foundation for a full career in the army, and perhaps a slightly quicker path to promotion, dependant on an individuals level of effort and enthusiasm.

    Do not get me wrong though, the AFC, despite having the word "College" in its title, is still an Army Training establishment, and not a school. The JS, are expected to push themselves out of their comfort zones and to give 100% effort at all times.
  7. This is the sort of stuff i wanted to hear, and even better your a section commander there so you know first hand!

    Im really looking forward to starting in January although a lot of people have said joining at that time of year is bad as its really cold. Still, looking forward to the challanges ahead and meeting a load of new people.

    Thanks for the info!
  8. Oh dear. Meant to be going to Welbeck, were you? I think your command of the English language clearly requires some work before thoughts of a commission should be indulged.

  9. Dont be too harsh I think that he could of scraped an Entry Level 2 on his Basic Skills Literacy test.
  10. It is too early to provide career statistics for AFC "graduates" all we have to go on is AFC precursors and their careers. It is true that their are set academic levels for entry, plus a high pass on the entrants test.

    It is also true that "graduates" are being groomed as future WOI/WOII that is not to say that they will be better than all adult entrants; more a case of the solid academic/military/leadership foundation will provide a better launch pad for an individual’s future career.

    Commissioning is also possible, and will not take 20 odd years (but i also reaffirm that the same opportunities are available for adult Entrants) "Graduating" from AFC does not automatically make someone a good PO candidate, historically speaking roughly one or two per junior entrant intake will commission within 5 years of entering adult service. And of all Army Entrants into the Royal Military Academy roughly 80 - 90% were ex junior entrants.

    Junior entrant level is a good point of entry into military service, the TOS are very good, and the resultant quality of life is very good. It will provide a strong foundation for a career in the military, and statistically speaking the likelihood of achievement during their career is high.
  11. I was MEANT to!! = woulda shoulda coulda

    Dont let plonkers like this weather your outlook.

    Muddy Sapper puts it perfectly into perspective, the opportunities are there, if you have the determination and will to grasp them and use them.
  12. I went to AFC (H) for about 7-8 months last year...

    It is a cracking place with awesome facilities.

    You will learn all the basic military skills you need as it is an Phase 1 Training Establishment, and you will also come out with NVQs in Communication Skills, Application of Number and IT. You will do your ECDL there too.

    As well as that you will do plenty of Adventurous Training and certainly learn to work as a team.

    This place should make quite a difference to you and you will definitely mature while being there. Also, the friends you will make will be friends for ages, as you could go through the rest of your career with them.

    As for commisioning possibilities... they have just started putting people up to transfer to Welbeck DSFC. Thats what I did. I transfered in August 2006 and started Welbeck in September 2006. Granted there arent many that do it, but the chance is there and if you get noticed they will start the application for you and help you through it.

    Hope this has helped a bit... and good luck!
  13. You were in 26platoon, and joining the signals?
  14. Yes I was...

    I am guessing you were too...?
  15. Hi. I've been to the AFC for 9 weeks now and so far it's been really good most of the time. Yeh the first 6 weeks are really crap but after that it's changed completely. I think your son should really think about going to the AFC. If he hates hard work and getting shouted at then he would be wasting his time. I'm going on exercise next week for 3 nights 4 days at Catterick which I am not looking forward too, but it should be a good experience :D