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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Romeo_47, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello, I was looking at the Army Foundation College in Winchester, they accpect AAC. Would it be possible to go and do the course and then become a Helicopter Pilot or is it only for AAC soldiers?
  2. Romeo

    We accept pilot applications from all branches of the Army, you dont need to be AAC. You will (I Believe as its been a while) need to be at least a LCpl recommended for Cpl to apply. Have a look at the AAC website..

    AAC Website link
  3. Thanks for the information. So you can join and once you get to CPL you can try to be a helicopter pilot if you pass the appitude tests. I was also thinking if you are to get the right qualifications, does the army sponser a university course?
  4. Romeo,

    The best you can do is get to the recruiting office and tell them what you want. If you are of to Uni - go for the commission! It is a much easier route to the cockpit. Make sure you tell the recruiter what you want and stick to it - Southampton has an AAC guy who won’t try to change your mind to the Eng or Inf.
  5. What planet are you on?!!

    Thats not true. 4 years at uni, a year at Sandhurst, then you may not even get accepted for AAC. Definitely not the easiest route.
  6. A much better informed one than you!

    Phase 1, Phase 2, how long til first tape and being dicked abot, waiting for second tape while still being dicked about and all the course shi'te in between!

    If the young un wants to fly, uni (with time in UOTC) then RCB and the factory would be a damn sight more pleasent and easier by being less brain numbingly boring than stagging on and making brews for full screws!
  7. My nearest would be Palace Barracks. It would be hard for me to get down. I will give them a ring.
  8. :roll: Quickstop, - earth - you??

    You obviously love to be messed about for years on the ground - I didn't!
    Get a commission - better life, better pay - fly sooner (regardless of what others say) 4 years as a tom or 4 years in Uni - let me think?????

    OK I know where I want to go. PS Palace is fine but stick to your guns.

    Ping-pong - thanks
  9. AFC is in Harrogate, my sons doing AAC groundcrewman at present which is junior entry for 42 weeks. Was a recruiting Sgt previously aswell.

    As gndie said


    The best you can do is get to the recruiting office and tell them what you want. If you are of to Uni - go for the commission

    speak to your careers sgt and he'll put you on right path or go online at and request some brochures. Depends on your academic quals and medical aswell