Army Foundation College - Suits?

I'm currently at AFC(H) as a Junior and we've been instructed to get suits for church and the realities of war trip. Can you get a kilt instead?
I'm pretty sure you could wear a kilt, i'm more concerned that you are required to wear a suit. Were you instructed to bring one with you when you joined? An half decent off the peg suit is going to cost you about a quarter of your take home which i think is a little unfair.

In regard to your kilt question, ask you Chain Of Command.
When I was at Harrogate we had some irate parents ring up complaining "my little XXXX has been told to buy a suit-why?". We told them;

1. He has been told to GET a suit (old uncle albert's demob suit was seen a few times).
2. Asda will do a suit for £30 and oxfam shops for a fiver
3. He needs it for church parade or court-and in your son's case we are unsure which will occur first!

Usually did the trick and all managed to be in suits by the required day-and no there were no kilts to be seen
A kilt would be acceptable as long as your surname, accent and home postcode bear a link to Scotland and, you're big enougn to piss off all the small minded English t*ats who would try and extract the urine! you stand up for your minority rights!
Every serving soldier should have a whistle and flute, i was advised to buy, beg, borrow or steal one before i did basic training. Use to have to book out in Phase 2 wearing the fucker!
Euan said:
Can you get a kilt instead?
You can, so long as you get the correct jacket and accoutrements to go with it.

But (ain't there always a but :wink: ) .......... do you really want to stand out from the crowd that much?

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