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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wolv911, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. :? i am planning on joining 1 of the army training,hopefully afc(H). i was woundering the GCSE requierments to be able to get into it. i am 16 and i am planning on goin in september, any answers would be gr8 :D
  2. Welcome to the site, Wolv911.

    The ability to ask a question in English was one of the major requirements, but we are now, like, an equal opportunities organisation, so we take anyone, basically.

    Try using Google with "Harrogate" and "entry requirements". Researching this site will help too.

  3. Visit your local careers office
  4. Visit your local ACIO for up to date information on the AFC from the Recruiters but if things havent changed in the last few years here are the main points.
    You've got to be between 16 years and 17 years and one month at the start of the two courses in September 08 and January 09, you can start your application when your 15 years and 9 months.
    For many of the different jobs at ADSC Bassingbourn and AFC you dont need any academic qualifications but having a good school report/headteacher reference is a major factor on the PSO interview at ADSC.
    For both colleges
    Jobs like infantry, RA, RAC dont require GCSE's but trade jobs like mechanic, engineering trade you nee a minimum of D's English Language, Maths and a science and the higher profile jobs a minimum of C's.
    AFC is 42 weeks and ADC Bassingbourn is around 20 to 26 weeks basic training instead of 14 weeks adult training.( these areonly basic training expect longer training for your job / trade training.
    Theres lots of other information you can get on these threads or on the AFC website and the recruiter will have DVD's to show you and your parents.
    Speaking as a ex-recruiter whos been loads of times and a parent of a son whos been it is a exellent establishment with lots to do.
    Obviously you still have to pass all the elligability critera first and pass selection at ADSC to get in. Sooner you start the process the better.
  5. i went to AFC (H) lad, to be honest the requirements are the same as what are stated in the information booklets when you get choose your jobs the only difference is that you need to get a higher than score on your BARB test than what the basic rewuiremtn is for your chosen regiment/corps.

    also to be honest given the opporutnity i would rather have waited to join directly into adult entry as it seemed to me personally that AFC(H) and from what i have heard from mates, bassingbourn too, that the junior entry levels are more bullshitty on stuff like the amount of dust in your locker than the actual development of your military skills

    i know that i personally increased in ability 10 fold once i left harrogate and joined catterick

    hope that helped
  6. Total rubbish, BARB GTI score is exactly the same for all CEG's, it has no bearing to where you go, the PSO is will make reccomendations from your time at ADSC.

    ability would be increased as your learning your trade in phase 2 then in the real Army however the team skills and leadership skills put you above others. As the old wording for juniors is junior leaders as they can select those from the juniors who has that extra potential.
  7. i got told by my recruiting i had to score higher than most others as the BARB test itsefl is to see how trainable your brain is and see how much potential for learning you have