Army Foundation Collages?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Scorch, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. Would it be good idea to apply for a Foundation Collage like Harrogate or a Sixth Form like Welbeck?

    Problem is I cant seem to find a Army Collage/Sixth form that is of use to me as when I Finnish that part of education, I was thinking of joining the Army as a CMT.

    So help in finding a suitable collage for taking ether
    A Levels in-
    or NVQs in-
    Emergency and Primary Health Care
    Would be great.
  2. DSFC Welbeck is a sixth form college funded by the MOD primarily for engineering trades in the army, RAF and RN, and the civil service. The young people there who go on to join the forces generally become officers, though they are not part of the forces while at Welbeck. AFC Harrogate is for school leavers and the young people there are known as junior soldiers, as they are part of the army. ATFC Winchester is for school leavers who go into technical trades in the army.

    Edited to add: the foundation colleges do not produce officers unless they commission later in their careers.
  3. Not English then ?
  4. Sorry to be a "Nazi"................
    "Yesterday I couldn't even spell articifer now I are one".
    Is this a wind up? Nobody looking at doing A levels can be this bad surely!
  5. Modern Britain ,where every halfwit expects to be a pilot/barrister or similar, no real idea of their limits which have been set for them by crap standards in education. I really mean years of labour social engineering. yeah or a wind up...........