Army forced to sell Land Rovers bought for Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Oct 2, 2004.

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  1. Army forced to sell Land Rovers bought for Iraq
    By Michael Smith, Defence Correspondent (Telegraph)(Filed: 02/10/2004)

    The Army is having to sell Supacat all-terrain vehicles and converted Land Rovers it had to buy urgently to fight the Iraq war because Gordon Brown will not pay for them.

    In addition, plans to buy extra armour for Warrior armoured personnel carriers and the Challenger 2 tank and new weapons and sensors for infantry forces have had to be cancelled.

    The Chancellor told MPs on Budget day last November that he would pay for the war in full, making £1 billion available.

    But he is insisting that if the equipment is still required after the war, the Ministry of Defence should have bought it from its own budget, the influential Defence Analysis reports today.

    The Treasury is already refusing to provide up to £500 million of the money paid out by the Armed Forces during the war, saying they would have spent it on routine operations anyway.

    Francis Tusa, the editor of Defence Analysis, says: "If equipment bought under urgent operational requirements is still in service 18 to 24 months later, the Treasury decides that the equipment was not a force enhancement for an operation but was a normal procurement."

    The Supacats and WMIK Land Rovers will fetch far less than they cost.

    Mr Tusa says: "Senior officers have complained that, come the next major operation, the ministry will have to buy the same items again and will face the same fruitless and pointless battles after the end of the conflict."

    The enforced sell-offs are a severe blow to the Army, which has had a series of vital equipment enhancements cancelled - such as the extra armour - because of cost overruns associated with delays to RAF and Royal Navy equipment.

    Its new medium armoured units will have no armoured vehicles of their own and will have to share them with existing reconnaissance units.

    A senior infantry officer has complained that the new armoured vehicles programme known as the Future Rapid Effects System has turned into "a debacle".

    The Ministry said it was considering what to do with the Supacat and the WMIK Land Rover but that "no formal decision has been made".
  2. Unacceptable. This government is out of line. I hate it.

    Forgive the brevity of my post, there is no more I can say.
  3. Even Briefer CIG, unmitigated *********. :evil:
  4. I agree with the general sentiment expressed by other posters.

    However could someone explain how the Army can "sell" something that they don't own?

    If MOD hasn't stumped up for them surely they belong to the cotractor.
  5. The hassle doesn't lie in ownership of the item, it's down to the contractual obligation to pay for the siad items by a given date. Seen as our beloved leaders chum has decided to feck us about budget wise we cannot afford to pay for them unless we raise the cash by selling said items.

    This means we have paid in full for ownership of an item but have to sell it after 12-18 months use (bear in mind some items will not have entered regular service before their sale becomes necessary).

    Usual accounting bollix, looks great on paper as long as your not at the bottom of the pile relying on the kit to perform your duties........
  6. Thankee...

    Financial matters baffle brains.
  7. Its time then, the Tower should be re-activated in its original role and they take a one way trip :evil:
  8. aaah fuk!! , i just give up i just do :roll: i cannot believe some of the fuk ups this Govt is doing, Jesus wept! we need the all the kits we can get in Iraq and all they do is penny pinch.
    im glad i have not been called up, as the present situation stands highly unlikely in my case .
    however that may change if rumours about ACF being incorporated fully into the TA may turn out to be true :roll:
  9. unbelievable. Such morons.

    I guess this is why the Army now has a Commercial arm, and is starting to sell Army branded running shoes.
  10. It looks like Hoardy Gordy is playing out his vendetta with Bliar with other peoples lives. What will happen when he finally gets enough support to challenge for the leadership?
  11. We getting rid of the wolf's too?
  12. fcuking disgusting!
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    In case the tight fisted weasel hadn't noticed the shooting doesn't stop just because an alcoholic Texan former coke head says it is over.

    If it is over then why do we have so many still out there and who the hell is doing the shooting.
  14. to sum up then: CNUTS

    Vote any other party than Labour then - that will show them.

    Will we have to sell off rounds and grenades not used in conflict then too?


  15. Tell you what lads, soon you will all be issued with a Fire Arms Certificate Application and asked to buy your own gat and ammo - wouldnt suprise me at all.

    mind you it works for switzerland!