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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by just-ian, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. I know that during training, there will be no time for recreational activity.. But when you're posted to your regiment, do you get a chance to play football or other sports regularly for your rgt's team etc?
  2. yes! If youre good! If you're really good, maybe even Corp or Army or Tri-Service.
  3. Cheers mate! I know that the ArmyFA is based in Aldershot, but was just wondering if other regt's play in any legues or divisions.
  4. All (most) Regts play in leagues that are generally in the same area. Some, if they are in isolated locations, sometimes play in leagues that include civvy teams, I played in one during a particular posting.

    All of the Corps play in the Massey Trophy (Inter-Corps League) and contest the Woolich (spelling) Cup, a knockout competition.
    You will of course only play for your respective Corps if selected to be good enough!
  5. Cheers! That's what I was looking for mate.
    Hoping I get selected, would love to get involved. Although I'm imagining the standards are fairly top..
    But anyway, cheers for the replies! That's that one sorted.
  6. Best of luck Ian.

    I played for my Corps for a good few years and yes, the standard is generally very good.
  7. Always reflects well on your SJAR too. Good luck.
  8. Corps is really the level to which the standard gets decent. Squadron / regiment / depot etc are all a bit sunday league. At corps level you are looking basic semi-pro standard. Above that then you need to be pretty special. If you are good at sport it opens a lot of doors for you in the army and you make friends of all ranks who become invaluable as your career progresses. Good luck!
  9. I always thought I was quite a good player when I joined up. Usually in the trophy haul for any club I played for. Then after a while in the Army I knew Regt was my level as some of the guys I worked with were by far a cut above anything I had played beside.
  10. I had youth caps for Scotland when I joined up (waiting for incoming ;-)).

    However, the game was much more physical and I moved from what used to be sweeper to right midfield.

    Spent about 4 years of my 30's playing rightback before moving back to centrehalf. Then realised that I was far to old and shouldn't be playing against youngsters!

    I won a lot of tropheys during my time including an Army Cup Winners medal, would not change it for the world.

    I find myself very lucky.