purple_foot said:
I like the caps lock key myself. :wink:
Fried, Boiled or Stewed? :)

Army food was great, unfortunately they let some idiots cook it and it turned out utter crap sometimes and they want you to pay for it as well.
the food at Okehampton camp is very good for this annual camp (ACF) so i vote everytime, Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and Roast Potatoes mmmmm !
Showing my age here...

Cold bacon grill, and those stale Rolos with the arabic writing on the wrapper. Also rats Artic dried Chicken a la King deserves a mention.

You youngsters are spoiled with all this new fangled boil in the bag stuff!

Yum Yum :D

Its got to be choc pudd. Or pretty much anything from Otterburn cookhouse, especially when being served by the roast/boiled man who couldn't speak english so gave you a helping of each instead. Last seen in Redford cav brks.
drain_sniffer said:
The old ACC moto - Cook till black then scrape to desired colour
chef = fitter & turner (fit it in the pan & turn it to sh1te)

my personal favourite was the old "chicken in brown sauce" that would regularly make its way back to the pad.
What are we talking here, compo or cookhouse

Compo has to be the bacon grill (still found in 10 man rat packs on cadet camps) but i detest the arctic add water stuff, tastes like cardboard.

cookhouse, well breakfast in general, fry up, cereal, yogurt and fruit :)
Oh and that funny green liquid they call squash
freedomofspeech said:
range stew for winners.
with either norgies of tea (because everyone in the army loves tea) OR screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech
range stew, three slices of bread
best meal ever
sorry battsimm
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