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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by D-Runner, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Just woundering if their will be a good choice of foods available, I Dont want to be eating chips and full breakfasts everyday. Do they serve fruit, salad, steak , fish, chicken etc good healthy and high protein foods ?

    I have a balanced diet too improve performance in running, boxing etc and wish to continue this after i join cheers.
  2. Apparently if you ask really nicely they cook all your food a la carte, so you will be fine. Medium rare ribeye, dauphinoise potatoes, rocket salad all with a red wine and balsamic reduction, that just the bog standard though, im sure you will be fine, but only if you ask nicely mind.
  3. I take it from your post you are soon to be joining up? If so, I wouldn't worry too much what you're eating because you'll only have 3 pico-seconds to get it down you anyway for the first 3 months, and hopefully PT will be a beasting (or do they tuck recruits in at night these days?) - so you can eat nothing but cream cakes and you'll burn it all off.

    On top of all that, I'm guessing if you're just joining up that makes you 16-24 - you're metabolism will be moving quicker than a nun's first curry anyway.
  4. What you guys get food? I got a fishing pole and told "jupiter points that way"

  5. Can I be the first to say, if this is not a wah, then god fookin help the army if this gets in.
  6. Bacon grill, you just cant beat it :D
  7. Could always try shagging the slop monkeys. Would be an interesting experience to say the least :D
  8. why do some people always hinder on the least important things......who cares what food you get, never know you may get a ''doggy bag'' other than ration packs :D
  9. Aren't you going to have fun 8O
  10. Oh hi Mum what are you doing on here?
  11. In my day and I'm sure the standard of food has only improved, I would start with a nice Wild Salmon & Spinach Fish Cake with Maddocks Farm Rocket, and Chive Mayonnaise, washed down with a vintage powdered orange (ish) drink. To follow and I was usually somewhat undecided, there was always such a choice but live dangerously I would say and go for Breast of Corn-fed Chicken with Wild Mushroom & Somerset Cider Cream and Oven Roasted New Potatoes with Red Onion & Rosemary. It was always cooked to perfection and the chicken would just melt in the mouth. This would also be washed down with a vintage powdered orange (ish) drink. Though as the tea urn was almost empty, it would usually be more powder than liquid and was akin to drinking scouring powder.

    And to finish off, my personal favourite was always Strawberry, Rose & Rhubarb Fool with Home-made Ginger Biscuit. What an end to a perfect meal and had I had a tin opener with me, I might even have been able to sample the delights of the cheese board. But then I would realise someone is talking to me, someone is actually shouting in my ear. "What's that you said?" I ask as I must have been day dreaming.

    "I said only ONE sausage you cnut!!!!"
    Oh well, back to reality. 8O
  12. Haha... I cant believe you started that post with "In my day..."!

  13. In the Army?! Surely not!

    You get options, healthy and less healthy and you choose which. Food is good espcially when curry is on the cards. Breakfast you either get fry up, cereal plus toast. Personally i went for the fry up on days when there would be any PT related training. Its up to you to choose how you eat you w be told what to.

    Overall all griping about army food aside its good scoff :D
  14. I usually start with 'When I was in, which is now fcuking aeons ago' but I just felt like a little bit of a change. :)
  15. *digs in and sticks head above the parapet*

    Was that when an ND was a twang and not a bang? 8)