Army Food Posters

Yes, probably the worst thread ever started on ARRSE.

Has anyone seen those posters in some scoff halls about eating right. The posters design is a traffic light (red amber green) and it lists foods within these groups as a guideline of what you should have more of and less of in your diet.

Does anyone know where you can get hold of them? I tried the APTC ArmyNET site and they just have this food plate jobbie which is similar but not as simple.

Any help (and p1ss taking) appreciated.

In an effort to make us eat more healthily our chefs devised a colour coding the same as above but with little blocks of wood placed next to each course which we thought a good idea - especially the day when everything was red!
A little random point to note, I saw this poster a short while back at a camp that houses many Gurkhas. They were on PAYD so I nipped down for lunch, looking at the food on display it all looked a little more exotic to what I'm used to so I zeroed in on the most 'normal' looking bit of food there was.

To me, it looked like pasta and meatballs in a red sauce which I guessed was some kind of Tomatoe sauce.


They were meatballs stuffed with spices and covered in a random red sauce that was full of spices - I could feel it stripping my insides as it went down! Not wanting to offend a scoff house full of our short and nails friends I ate it with tears streaming down my face!

Lesson learnt...

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