Army foiled me.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by DeathKnight, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Good afternoon lads and ladies, I attempted to join the army last year and was severely disapointed to receive a letter telling me that i could'nt join because of a depression and self harm episode i had went through two years before, I Understand the reasons why this has gone through, but i want to join, It's something of a family tradition to be a soldier, and i cant really see myself in any other job to be completely honest, i Want to know, is there anything i can do, such as have a army medical officer check me over etc?, or does anyone know wether i could attempt to appeal again (My parents had wrote the first appeal, saying something along the lines of (He felt depressed as the family buisness went down the tube and we had lost alot of money etc etc).

    If anyone at all could hit me back with at least a possible way of finding a loop hole around the system, I'd be very very Greatful, you can have my wages for the next 5 years. Lol
  2. Have you considered tryingfor the TA?
  3. hmm.. I'd try getting a full psych report done by a specialist on the nhs or ask your solicitor what you can do
  4. I actually think this might be a good idea, How can i go about this, Would i have to see one of my Doctors Surgerys, or Would i have to goto the hospital, i apologise if i sound stupid, I'm 17 so i'm not actually quite sure on alot of these things.
  5. Keen to know if the depression/self harm is well behind you - you'll understand why the Army is not to keen on these things ......... Certainly not going to help you out with 'loopholes' if you are still prone to them.

    Just a thought, BTW - your post is timed 11:18 UK time, yet you wish us 'good afternoon'? Are you genuine?
  6. And no, the Armed forces is something i've wanted to do since i was very little, I appreciate that the TA is Relatively the same, but i think a full life in the army is what i really want, or do the TA offer camps which you stay at, sever training, and nasty corporals? Lol.

  7. yes the Depression and Self harm, Are very well behind me, and i emphasise on this, I Was stupid, I Was 14 with a very bad temper, i dont actually believe i was depressed, it was just a way of getting the attention, also i believe something was said about drug misuse, At the time i was going through the usual changes which made us all into spotty little teenagers and the transistion from Juniour school to High School, I Believe my parents had actually said they believed me to be on some sort of drug, allthough i wasnt, and still wouldnt as i was a very keen person in my Science class and saw what that shit does to you..
  8. yeh it would be a start, just arrange an appointment with your local gp, and they should refer you to a specialist
  9. I don't know, mate. I've never been in the TA. But, when I was going to join, they passed me as fit at the medical, whereas I was medically downgraded for eyesight when I was in the Army.And another guy at the medical passed the medical, despite the fact he was claiming a War Pension... Although I didn't join in the end because of how disorganised the unit I was going for seemed.

    But, if you're interested, ask about FTRS (Full-Time Reserve Service) in the TA forums. If you really want the Army that much, then surely part-time is better than just wishing for the rest of your life...

  10. Yes i can see where your coming from and if the push really does come to a shove, then i suppose i would but i would really like to know if my attempts to join the army are not in vain, and that some how there really is a loop hole around the system, or i can have this depression and self harming thing removed from my records so i can get a standing chance to fight it
  11. I you really are keen the TA could be a good answer, first you will be trained and get some idea of what the full time is like, and you will build up a service record which can be used in a few years to show that you are over your depression. There are probably no real short cuts rather some good solid hard work to get over these things.

    Good luck
  12. Well Im Currently in a Plumbing Apprenticeship and it seems to be going all well at this moment in time, so basically the army was what i was looking at as soon as i had completed all my plumbing exams etc.
  13. You a qualified plumber, and now thinking about joining the Army?!?! Rake it in as a plumber and do the TA thing, instead!
  14. Lol like i said, Army was what i wanted to do, Stupid i know, but its really something i've dreamed, Plumbing is the same thing day in and out, The army is an adventure, and a test of endurance, and perserverance.. Thats what i like, i like a challenge.
  15. Isn't Plumbing still a three year apprenticeship?