Army foiled me. Pt2.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by FrankIG, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm sorry that you've been turned down, but I would have thought hat 4 years of self harming was a fair enough reason for the Army to think it might not be a good idea to let you loose round the variety of sharp pointy things and loud bangy things handled almost daily!!!

    There are some situations when it's perhaps NOT a good idea to say 'There There' and let people run around with equipment designed for administering death, severe injury .. and assorted shit a nd blue feathers ... on themselves and others.

    It's not nice to be rejected by anyone ... but I'm afraid it's a matter of accept it, deal with it and get o with your life!!!
  2. It means you dont have a job in the Army. If the review board has not seen your most recent psychological examination then you can appeal using that as your proof that you no longer intend to cut yourself up

    Or, you can accept that you have been turned down and move on with your life
  3. Thats the point mate, it wasnt for 4 years, which makes my case Stronger, the 2006 'Hospital appointment' Was because i was slaughtered with a few mates and got bottled.. :/
  4. I think it means it might be time to consider other avenues of employment mate. Its evident that there must be some personal trauma you have experienced that has led you to self harm at different points. I am in no way casting any aspersions on your state of mind but being a serving soldier, especially in the current climate means that there is a fair chance you will see and hear things you rather wouldnt. Point is, would being pinned down for 48 hours in a hot, dusty and uncomfortable environment with the ever present presence of death around you coupled with the extreme stress and pressures associated with service life be the thing for you ? Only a thought mate, good luck though.
  5. or pop out and purchase a few blades ;)
  6. Yes, Reni, thats the thing i've actually wanted since i was a young age, Not only is it a job, its making a difference.
  7. on a serious note, It's a bit of a kick in the stones (although you might enjoy that?), but it may be worth an appeal. I've no idea if there is such a mechanism though?
  8. Thats bad news that you got rejected, however there are others army's willing to accept people with various medical conditions that you may consider:-

    1.Salvation Army.
    2.New Model Army (reforming looking for a drummer).
    3.Dads Army (must be 90 or over), free teeth and hips if required.
    4.Barmy Army, must have skinhead and be able to drink 20 bottles of Kaliber beer.

  9. Salvation army, No thanks
    New model army.. What ever the hell that is.
    Dad's army, Way too Young, Maybe another 73 years
    And barmy army, Could enter, but they see combat how often?

    Lol, I'm not here to be made fun of, I'm here seeking Advice on how to go about something, so as the saying goes, if you dont have nothing nice to say then dont say anything.

    Regarding the people who actually made an effort to post something worth reading, Thanks, it'll all be taken into consideration, but im not yet ready to give up, i still have a few things up my sleeve,
  10. Not razors are they?
  11. Aha, No, They're long gone, 5 Years to be precise, My self harm incident was as the doctor said, Settled there and then, So i dont see why the army is making a fuss about it, I Didnt use medication, And the scarring is all gone.
  12. In the light of what you posted in your follow ons to the original, I wish you the best of luck. If there is new information and you have an avenue of appeal then use it.

    Just remember though that the Armed Forces have to think long and hard when there MAY be a reason to doubt someone's suitability, and don't be too downhearted if the decision remains the same.
  13. Fair play to you, just a thought mate.
  14. Nah, i'm not going to be downhearted and i have another anvenue of employment open to me, which.. Can anyone believe it, I'm a Chef.. So i'm working alongside Dangerous tools day in day out.
  15. :lol: :lol: :lol: