army fitness

please can somebody help me im considering joining the army
but im a tiny bit over weight please can somebody advise me or give info on where to obtain the info on the level of fitness etc that i need to be at thanks


If your BMI is anywhere near 32, and when you look in the mirror your first impression is not Arnie Schwarzenegger - then you are a fat tw@t and will suffer and probably eventually die from it. A young guy 18-20 should be having a BMI close to his age.

Check this link:

You can find lots of info on the net about training programmes - but the fitter you are, the easier it will be.
ArmyLuke said:
First of all, You need to make sure your within the ARMY's BMI[Body Mass Index], As from my experince, they dont even talk to you properly until you're within the correct BMI. So visit - type in your Height and Weight, You're BMI Needs to be under 32.

Also a good link is, I hope this helped.
True, my brother went into a recruiters office and was told to come back after he lost 25kg. Admittedly, he's obese.
If you cant comfortably run a mile and a half without stopping or spewing, you are not fit enough.
Fcuk me. Why does a guy who's 4st overweight even go down to the careers office? You'd think he'd have more pressing problems, like losing enough weight that he's able to see his c0ck again.
yes i can help you listen close heres how :

1. control your eating habbits ( only you can help yourself on that one mate)

2. take regular exercise

3 insted of coming on this site asking for help get out your pit early in the morning and f*cking run till your shitty boxers are soaked in your own sweat ! ! !

good luck tough anyway mate , let us know how your getting on
SeaJay said:
Fcuk me. Why does a guy who's 4st overweight

That really does hit home, 25kg doesn't sound that bad, but "Excuse me Sir, lose 4 Stone is ******* awfuL!"
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