Army Fitness Training - by the Guardian (!)

Noted in the Current Affairs forum: the Grauniad is running a series of booklets which have been prepared by the Army PT Corps and entitled "The Official British Army Fitness Programme".

The booklets are available to download as PDF files. As far as I can tell, they really do contain pukka info (they even have the Army logo on them - the old one, without the "Regular and Territorial" bit, but hey) and are pretty well produced.

I commend them to those wishing to burn away their Christmas lardage and, in particular, to those responsible for recruit training who might want to supplement the usual shouting at recruits to train in their own time with something the blokes can use.

Yeah, I know you can get all cynical about that particular paper running a pro-Army series at the moment but given that the info is credible and useful, why not use it? Handily, the PDFs do not include the front cover of each booklet, so no one will ever know they came from the Garudani!
Thanks, No 2. You can be my wingman, any time.
Dr_Evil said:
Thanks, No 2. You can be my wingman, any time.
Oh, get a room, the pair of you! :D :wink:


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Given that the Kid is trying to raise his phys to a reasonable standard prior to AOSB, this is quite helpful - so thanks to both :-D

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