Army fitness, fit enough?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Xoums, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm currently applying to the army I'm a B-class Thai boxer, in fighting shape, I run almost every day and train once or twice a day(sparring, boxing training, ect...) and hit the weights three times a week.
    Should I up my training routine for the army or am I currently doing enough?
    PS: I really would like to continue boxing in the army, I know there's no Thai boxing, but there are some solid amateur boxers in the army right?

    Kind Regards,

  2. What sort of distances are you running and in what time?
  3. 10k in 40 to 50 mins depending on selected route and previous day training, after a hard training session i might run a bit slower or a bit less due to bruising from sparring ect..., but on average 10k in 40 mins on a good day, Also try and do some HIIT ( high intensity interval training) ie: uphill sprints, explosive drills, ect...
  4. If you are in fighting shape than i belive you are in shape to pass selection. If you pass selection and go to phase 1 than you will no longer need to worry about getting into shape as it is the PTI job to push you harder then you belived you could go.
  5. You are more than fit enough if your running 10km in 40 minutes.
  6. Hi again,
    so I just time myself on a 1.5 mile run, I completed it in 9.6 minutes.
    Also tested myself on max push ups in one minute = 72 pull ups wide grip = 16 sit ups= 100.
  7. Unless you're going for Paras, don't worry you're well in there.
    You should have a better 1.5 time though in all honesty from what you've said, did you not give it your all?
  8. Mate, absolutely no worries, there will be many, many fatter than you.

    When you get in though you can't sit back on your laurels - the PTI will suss your standard and just expect you to work harder than all the others on circuits etc.

    Good luck fella.
  9. Well I'm really interested to join as an Officer in the Gurkha regiment or the Royal Riffles, however should I fail my AOSB I will most definitely join as a regular as I am really keen to have a career in the army.
    thank you for you advice,

    Kind regards,