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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bikini_Black, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. Dear All,

    Just a quick one..

    I am based at a modest provincial sub-unit, which currently has no fitness facilities available to us.

    However, there is a large, shiny Barracks about a mile up the road, which I am sure has a fully equipped Gymnasium, stacked full of the latest and greatest whizzy fitness gear etc.

    Can I rock up, flash my '90 and make use of these facilities as a member of the British Army?


  2. Ask them.
  3. What ooooh_matron said.

    You might find that if you are allowed to use the gym they might require you to provide proof of personal accident insurance, this is/was the case for the gym at RMAS for dependants and civvy staff who wanted to use the gym.
  4. As said above, is on the mark. You could request that the unit PTI or one of his assistances take you through a familiarisation brief on the general gym set up as a 'tick in the box' exercise. It's worth knowing specific fitness groups - karate, badminton, whatever other classes which may have particular use of the zone for their classes and which may prove a no-go evening for you.

    Don't take the piss and bring along a mate or two who are "considering joining the TA". Keep your plan simple and straightforward. Good luck.
  5. Windsor TA Sigs unit and you wish to use Combermere Bks' gym?
  6. Badger:

    No, but the situation is pretty much identical.
  7. If you look like your avatar, you are welcome to use the gym at Andover. I'll sponsor you! :)
  8. Phone up Q Suntan at said barracks and ask - shouldn't be a drama. Local RAF to me issued me with a swipe card for 24 hr access to the gym while I was TA. (Probably knew by looking at me that I wouldn't knacker the machines with over-use!) :)
  9. Speak to your Chain of Command who should be wriggling massively that they (or your g4 chain) haven't done the requisite legwork to provide gym kit for you - they can then organise it en masse for your sub unit rather than just for you...there is a huge drive at the moment to allow this!
  10. Years ago, while on my hols in Sydney, Australia, I waltzed in the Royal Oz Navy base near Kings Cross, and used their gym. One of the PTIs asked what sports I liked, and told me there was a hapkido (a Korean martial art) class two nights a week, so I went along and had a few free lessons.

    BTW, I didn't use a MOD90, as I remember having a chit in lieu at the time.