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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by eSeL, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. New website on the MOD site for getting the TA fit; has some very good training advice in there; from training programmes for all levels, to demonstration of techniques. You have to register to access the training programmes though:

    Army Fit
  2. I registered and the training programme involved darts, pool and drinking!
  3. lol!!!

    In fairness, there's a big initiative on to get the TA fit. This website & the thing going on in London (Get fit with the TA) is just the start of it.
  4. Thing is.....the TA needs an initiative to get some of us fit! Good to see the CoC taking more of an interest IMHO.

  5. While I applaud the sentiment behind it this is just a recruiting exercise by another name. It is entirely aimed at those who may have an interest and sings the (unspecified) benefits for ones fitness of joining the TA.

    The fitness programme is in no way 'personal', other than you have to do it yourself, and is not presented in a user friendly format, ie one you can print out and stick on the fridge.

    The worst thing about it from my point of view is, because we have to register to see the programme, every serving soldier or non potential recruit who has logged on out of interest will be registered as a potential recruit enquiry; justifying the expense of the programme, diverting TA recruiting budget from units and working towards someones OBE!
  6. Thats a good point actually, if 800 Serving Soldiers and 200 potentials sign up to the scheme, it will register 1000 recruit enquiries.....

    Cheeky cunts.
  7. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    I stumbled across the TV advert for the same last night.. The usual mix of white water rafting, skiing, etc... oh with a blink and you've missed it flash of some chaps looking like death warmed up on a CFT.

    Well I've done enough CFTs, how long do I have to wait for the white water rafting?

  8. i find that its poorly worded interms of reinforcing old views of the, its full of fat old pretenders. there is a problem with fitness in the TA, i'll admit that, but it strikes me as airing our dirty washing in public...

    is'nt it going to attract the "fat biff's" to join as opposed to the young, fit 17 - 30 or so individuals that we really need?

    its nice someone is putting the money into TA recruiting (or is it given with the right hand and pinched by the left?).
  9. its nice someone is putting the money into TA recruiting (or is it given with the right hand and pinched by the left?).

    they put money into recruting ? must be a new approach.
  10. I don't agree with you mate. I think it's positive; it's suggesting that the TA is a good route to fitness, rather than suggesting the opposite.
    That was my wording you're picking fault with - I'll stand by what I said though.

    Isn't it always going to attract a mixed bunch? At least those who want to get fit are going to get good advice without the cost of a gym/personal trainer. At the end of the day, if they can't pass the minimum standards, they'll be given advice on how to attain it. It doesn't cost the TA anything (as the recruit wont be taken on strength), only a little bit of a PTI's time.
  11. While I agree that this gives a positive spin on TA fitness for potential recruits this is, as discussed elsewhere, deceptive. The majority of TA fitness has to be achieved outside the unit and unpaid. We only really have time to assess the fitness levels of soldiers and advise them on training programmes.

    We also have less comprehensively trained PTIs who are only qualified to take basic PT sessions. They are not adequately qualified to advise on individual training programmes or sports injury and recovery* and are not supported by APTC or medical personnel.

    While the TA gives clear fitness goals it does not adequately support soldiers who may be struggling to achieve them.

    This website is only a recruiting tool to give the impression that if you join the TA it will be one long free session of gym and adventurous training. It is initiatives like this which solve short term recruiting problems but cause disillusionment and retention problems later.

    (I am also waiting for the white water rafting. We have a big poster on the wall in the recruiting office so surely we must do it; I must have missed that weekend!)

    *Yes some PTIs broaden their knowledge and advise on these matters but they are not trained to do so.
  12. As far as the PTI situation is concerned, I was told the APTC is addressing that situation and have got the criteria set out for intermediate & advanced PTI courses. It will take a few years to get it set up properly as there are only a few intermediate trained and no advanced trained PTI's. However, at intermediate level, the PTI will be able to device individual training programmes.

    Fair one; again, it will take a few years for changes to happen.
  13. surely you are having a laugh. in the regulars, it is widely known that recruiting is one of the few organisations actually able to get their hands on money. none for accommodation, security, etc etc - but recruiting?

    you're way off track IMHO.
  14. Mixed bunch, certainly, however it may just be my unit, but when the potential recruits come in with the motivation that the TA will get them fit, it tends to be individuals who are, shall i say, "plump". i completely agree that it cost's nothing, except time...not a comodity that is abundant in the TA.

    on the whole it's positive, i just like playing devils advocate... ;)