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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by d12gnr, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. does anyone know the name of the film starring alex guiness that takes place in edinburgh castle i think he played the rsm
  2. Guns at Batasi?
  3. alex?? surely you mean Alec old boy
  4. Tunes of Glory is the film you want, interesting film.
  5. cheers nottyash tunes of glory was the one
  6. Not even a nibble....... :D
  7. It is " Tunes of Glory " It was free with the Daily Mail about a month ago when they had a week of old war movies on free CD's.

    I watched it the other day. Absolutely brilliant. Easily his best role, streets ahead of Smiley or Obi Wan.

    There were so many 'types' in it that you could recognise from any battalion. The writer was a genius.
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  9. He played the Bn 2ic who had been Acting CO - excellent film and I agree - probably one if his best roles.
  10. I'm sure it was filmed in Stirling Castle :)
  11. They could at least have got pipers who could play in the proper time. Civvy pipers are aye too slow.

    Here's how it should be played, even if they are Borderers and canna pipe fur toffee! Black Bear