Army Fighting British Jihadis in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. It is a problem known about for a long time.
    However if you dare suggest the people involved should be turfed out of the UK you will be labelled a Nazi.
    So I suggest we ignore it for a few more years and see what develops instead.
  2. The Dog bites the Hand that fed him. Such a bitter irony.

    Stop immigration immediately. Those residents who hasn't British citizenship should be given maximum 5 years to leave the UK.
  3. Wouldn't solve the problem.
  4. No doubt,when we catch these people(dead I hope),the PC lobby will want them immortalised on memorials in Bradford/Leeds etc.No doubt this 'Lord Khan' chap can do some planning of the same,while at Her Majesty's Pleasure?
  5. This isn't new and has been known about for some time. I would hope biometric passports and increased cooperation with immigration authorities in certain transit areas would help identify those involved.

  6. More like five days.
  7. Including me?

    I'm not arguing for the innocence of holy warriors with Bradford accents. I'm just observing that an immigration ban probably won't even touch the people you're concerned about.
  8. And if they are holy warriors with Bradford accents you can bet they were born here and have citizenship, so KGB Res's plan wouldn't alter anything.
  9. :D seconded!
  10. Of course. Can't let common sense get in the way of good old-fashioned knee-jerk legislation...
  11. I fear that in this case British transportation system would be paralised. Foreigners must know that they have not right to reside in the UK forever. Great Britain is not so huge to adopt millions strangers from remote corners of the World. Only those who are very usefull to the economy, who are well integrated could be allowed to live more than 5 years (though without the citizenship). For others 5 years would be maximal term to reside. This 5 years can be started counted immediately.

    I have forgotten to add - the British should leave Afghanistan immediately, no matter how loud would an outcry in Washington. It would be a radical solution.

    The principle is simple one. This is our (I mean your) country - we (I mean you) live here according to our (your) customs and laws. You have your country - live as you prefer.
  12. 5 years eh? should be enough time to get a british passport :roll:

    stop immigration.... probably the most unrealistic, mind numbing and short sighted suggestion i've ever heard
  13. Not even I am in favour of a blanket ban on immigration.
    Perhaps a temporary stop on it while we sort out the mess wea are in would be appropriate, it is apparent that we haven't dealt with the immigrants we already have.
    The key to this is establishing who is here to integrate and contribute to our society and turfing out those who are not.

    We can not ignore the fact that there are thousands of people who have come to this country who wish harm upon it. We have welcomed them with open arms in the name of multi-culturism. In return they are taking up arms against British service personel and have been know to bomb the odd tube train.
    How long can we afford not to do anything about it?