Discussion in 'Infantry' started by GROWNUPS_BEWARE, Jan 3, 2006.

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    An interesting discussion going on at the link above, about ideas for an independent Federation, separate from the chain of command, and not paid for or owned by the MOD.

    It would NOT be a trade union, such as bender armies possess (Belgium, etc)

    It would NOT challenge our loyalty to Queen, Country or the elected government of the day.

    It WOULD speak out on defence issues that affect our ability to do our job, such as kit shortages and problems, training, harmony and the way we're treated and our 'package' - housing improvements, pension issues, TACOS and the like.

    It might be able to campaign for concessions from business like the Police Federation - such as legal support for members.

    What would YOU want it to provide? What benefits or drawbacks could it entail. Would you be willing to join such a thing, and if so, how much would you be willing to pay?

    The idea of such a beast, if ever it were to come to pass, would be to represent YOUR needs. Your contribution and thoughts would be massively appreciated. Click on the link and add your voice to the debate.

    Best regards, and Happy New Year and Godspeed to Infantrymen everywhere.

  2. As a Pensioner, I'd not need the full remit of services but happy that charge to me includes element to support general cause. Something like a Country member rather than London member.
  3. Well to be honest mate the police fed is a bit of a "Toothless tiger" I wouldnt want to give up £10 a month for the sake of fcuk all. Bobbies give up about £15 and get next to fcuk all back when they need it.

    I dont think 16-22 year old would even know any better to join and thats probably when they would benefit the most. New in the job after sorting out their finances and looking to get on the property ladder before their 6-12 year career ends. 22er's would benefit but without sppt from the masses its just another deduction off an already Sh1tty Wage packet!
  4. We benefit here from having good civpol on board. We can get benefit of their experience, views and advice. Already in on the main thread ref this
  5. Its okay mate. I know more than i need to know about Police fed. They are sh1te!!!