Army FE bursary need Urgent Help ASAP ££ British Army!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Britisharmy187, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Right im wondering if i should take this Army fe bursary? and if you think i should do it?
    if i do ill be obliged to join the army .. if i can pass selection which im worried about because my fitness isant the best around but its decent i can run the 1.5 mile in a half in about 12 mins my running is ok im just worried about some of the tests on selection And if ill make it?

    and if i dont can i try as much as i want to go selection or is their a limit?
    also i heard that you might have to do residentials on this and PT Twice a month if i do i dont mind but just wondering if its true?

    any other advice wil be appreciated thank you.
  2. I'm on the bursary scheme, one of the first people in my area actually. You aren't committed to joining the army and having to join until after ADSC when you read out the attestation to the queen thingy at your careers office, just like anybody else joining. You can decide not to join the army all the way until this point, but you will have to give back any money to the Army that they gave you through the bursary.

    I was asked if I wanted to go on a 'look at life' course at a nearby army base for a few days. You don't HAVE to go on it, but seems though they are funding you they kind of expect you to do it. I also had a little presentation at my college where I got my photo with some other guys in the local paper. Just generally promoting the scheme and what not.

    And most importantly, don't join the army just for the money they are paying you that would pretty stupid. Make sure you want to join the Army for better reasons than the money. The bursary shouldn't be your main incentive. Have you even started your application process yet? You can still have a lot of time to prepare for ADSC if you aren't sure you are ready even if you are on the scheme. Besides, if you have been offered to come on the scheme you must have a year or two of college left, right?
  3. When do u have to do the adsc... selection at the very start of the bursary or towards the end?

    and no i havent started my application process but im going into the careers office to ask about the army fe bursary either this or next week mate...

    and yeah ive bein accepted onto level 2 which is a 1 year course..
    and i heard you can try and pass selection as many times as u want during the army fe bursary is this true? thanks 4 your answer i apreciate it m8 alot
    and im joining because its bein my dream since year 3. in school
  4. Only do it if you GENUINELY want to join the british army, as said you wouldn't be committed until after your oath etc but would have to repay them. About your fitness you can always wait until you are fit enough to go t ADSC (most recruiters check you are fit enough anyway).
    If you want to join the army you may as well take the bursary all that happens otherwise is someone else will get it.

    * edited as i posted after your post lol, Go for it might as well give it a shot!
  5. I do want to join the army and about re paying? what happens if i fail ADSC SELECTION? would i have to repay? or can i keep on trying untill i pass?
  6. I presume if your course lasts a whole year you would be able to pass it within that timeframe, 12;30 isnt the best run time but its not the worst, just trai and be confident and you'll be fine mate :wink:
    best to check with a recruiter though.
  7. when i first go to the careers office will they let me take home the application form or will i have to do it there do you think?
    i havent got good handwriteing :p?
  8. I meant the oath haha, couldn't think of the name.

    I wouldn't worry about ADSC for a good while yet. Your recruiter won't put you forward if he feels you aren't ready. I also went on a pre-ADSC through the bursary scheme, which is all the fitness tests and things crammed into a day to see if you are ready for the real thing. You'll probably get put on one of them.

    I'd have a chat with your recruiter mate. You might not even be able to get on the bursary scheme, as I imagine their is only a certain number of spaces. You fill in the application form at home.
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