Army families still in poor housing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Video report, as seen on BBC news this evening (Tue 17 Mar)
  2. Kevan Jones MP wants to have a word with himself - forget the puff piece Kevan Jones and do your job. I notice that every single time that a report like this surfaces, the government spokesman of the day (it's a fast moving ticket, Kevan), they all try and deflect the poor housing and maintenance regime, that service families endure, whilst their loved ones are on Ops.

    It simply is not good enough, and to hear a Minister trying to defend the current situation is sickening.

    Thanks for posting this Hackle - well aware that BAFF has campaigned on this issue for many years now, and well done to Caroline Wyatt for yet another well put piece.

    Kevan Jones MP might do well to consider that if his department was functioning effectively, that Caroline Wyatt wouldn't get the opportunity to produce such an item. How many months to the next one I wonder?
  3. If your husband is being paid £20k a year and your accommodation is £100 a month what can you expect?

    It is not reasonable to expect Bellagio treatment if you are paying a pittance for rent. The army doesn't owe you a living - if you don't like it and you think you can do better elsewhere then get hubby to leave, or rent privately (at current market rates).
  4. Prick.
  5. Brilliant how they always show Blandford as a showcase of housing. Millions being spent so the Army can sell them off at a later date!
  6. Actually they do.

  7. You are a tube! I would happily pay £100 a week if the standard was worth it, but it's not. The Army does not owe me a living? Are you feckin mental as well as stoopid? Of course it owes me a living, that's why it pays me a wage you tool! Clearly you don't and never have had the privilage of living in SFA. Let's explain a few basics then shall we: The Army require me to fulfil it's requirements by serving wherever they want me to. I have a family. They require housing. You do the fucking maths! The Army got saddled with a government scheme to subcontract the housing requirements (Annington Homes) who then let the property back to the Army via DE. DE have subcontracted the maintenance of it's properties to MHS (Making Housing Shit). The whole fucking system stinks......much like your attitude.
  8. What planet are you on, you knob?

    You can expect a home that is dry, secure, not going to make you ill and is fit for habitation.

    If a council handed out Social Housing in the state that SFA is often in, then there would be hell to pay. Why should we, as service men and women, expect any less?

    And yes, the Army DOES owe me a living. I have so far devoted 15 years of my life to the Army, and many have given far, far more. I'm sure that entitles me to a living!
  9. The army rents are decided by the AFPRB are are the average of Council rents throughout UK. The difference is that over one third are not fit to live in. Regarding renting privately many families elect to live in quarters so that they can get some semblance of family life in between operational commitments. Your comment implies that service personnel do not have the right to complain. If that is the case no other workers have the right to complain, after all they all volunteer to do the jobs they do. So they should just leave?

    The fact is that no other job would pay so little for the hours worked and risks taken. Surly they can expect decent housing for their families in such circumstances?
  10. Ever heard of TACOS? It is part of the contract - it isn't some perk that we should be grateful for - it makes up the whole package.

    If we were all supposed to rent privately to get a basic standard of housing then the salaries would have to go up massively just like our civilian counterparts who work in similar conditions.
  11. What, like you did you pathetic little creature.

    "I'm a senior captain (signed off, out in september).

    and also:

    "I cannot face any more of the nonsense paperwork that is 90% of my job".

    Wouldn't be your blokes 'Application for SFA' would it?

    It would appear that your transition into civvy street has not dampened your bitterness and feelings of inadequacy. Never mind, I'm sure the blokes gave you a rousing cheer as you exited the barracks.
  12. There should be caution on this subject and yes the situation for some is awful. The situation did not appear overnight and the Army and the MoD should shoulder a huge chunk of the blame. Where were the reports when the buildings were deteriorating?

    The reporters seem to always be taken to the worst examples and do not report in context, no surprise there.

    The Government has been forced to act and in the areas where the job has been done the conditions are far higher than those for a lot of civvies. A problem that developed over 40 years can not be fixed overnight.

    There is a real risk of compassion fatigue developing over this one.
  13. Do they stil have carpet squares and corrugated asbestos roofs ?
  14. Agreed to an extent western, re the compassion fatigue and only the worst examples making it to screen. The very reason these "extreme cases" become the showcase, is (IMHO) because all of the other low-level, "doors don't close properly" type stuff does not compel the government into considering this issue, and would quite likely to be seen as dripping.

    The fact remains however, that for a number of military families, they are forced to endure housing conditions that would see a private landlord in court. Too many families are suffering real public health issues due to the condition of the quarter they are given, with children diagnosed with conditions such as asthma and bronchiatus watching their conditions deteriate due to the damp quarter they live in.

    Your question "Where were the reports when the buildings were deteriorating?" - I'm sure the reports existed, you don't manage this amount of real estate without some pretty well defined metrics and strategies involved.

    The real question being, why did subsequent governments choose to ignore the long term impact as opposed to the short-term saving from "maintenance" budgets. The MOD collectively takes the PR hit for this reason, in much the same way that Stafford Hospital is not representative of every other hospital in the NHS.

    Interested to hear your rationale on how Caroline's report is out of context. I didn't see it as a stitch-up, and thought it was quite balanced given the subject nature. I'm sure that it would have been pretty easy to find a "Donna Tucker" to speak out - there normally is. :)
  15. I did not say the report was out of context just that the images do not show housing in average condition, the focus is always only on the worst and gives the impression that every house is like that.

    Your points are valid, but they are being addressed to the tune of many millions of mounds, constantly going back to them could in the future be construed as whinging.

    I would strongly advise anyone in this position to bring it to the attention of their CoC and when this fails take the Army to court. Are you suggesting that parents are letting their childres suffer long term health problems because they are scared to challenge it?