Army Faces Massive Manpower Shotages

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Somewhat surprising that the article was published on Sunday but the newspapers haven't yet picked it up - or am I reading the wrong papers?

  2. Not exactly NEWS though is it????
  3. If the MOD isn’t paying all these wage packets, then their should be money for

    1 A proper pay rise

    2 MQ improvements

    3 A replacement for Saxon which isn’t the current great idea of reissuing 432s (I’m not lying honestly)

    4 Tax cuts on OPs
  4. Cant believe there is a shortage of men.... How can that be true.....

    Spent nine months away from home last year, and this year is looking like the same.
    Been caught out by the 10 day LSSA rule quite a few times though, but the bonus will be mine soon.

    Though, I did think that it was more down to a shortage of spines when it came to tours and that it was the same faces all the time that did deploy. Maybe that is just my place. BTW

  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator


    You're making a tremendous case for some kind of Armed Forces Federation: a non-militant, non-striking, campaigning, professional association - independent of the CofC - which would have the cojones and the credibility to push these issues forward where the military hierarchy and MOD fear to tread. Anyone got any ideas? :lol:
  6. Oops

    My mind has been twisted

    Im not myself
  7. Under Labour defence spending has dropped from 2.7% of the GNP to 2.2% at this rate is going to make it difficult for us to keep up our level of commitments and this manning crisis although not news is defiantly going to effect our operational
    effectiveness in the years to come. Maybe Blair should listen to Bush when he asks for Blair to increase defence spending. But the public are not going to take notice it was alright when there was still the USSR then people had a threat the thought was near to home but terrorism is not seen in the same light. A point on replacing Saxon isn't this part of the plan for FRES so that we have a vehicle similar to the Lav of Styker anyone know.
  8. Tax cuts on Ops, that would soon bring everyone home.
    Hit the treasury in the pocket. Just think how many people are deployed and how much tax the government would loose.

  9. FRES is behind so their is no current replacement for Saxon

    It has been declared that Saxon will not go on Operations again

    The interim answer?

    Believe it or not is to re issue the new revamped 40 year old 432


    We’ve got lots

    Their cheap

    You can put BOWMAN in them
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

  11. Cough...

    Its already fitted in some and others on the way.

  12. No tell me its not true
  13. If i did, I would be lying.

    Sorry mate.

    Not worked on a saxon fit, but is destined to get it as well if I remember correctly.

  14. Let's all leave and get better jobs elsewhere. That'll teach them.