Army (?) exposed over sweatshop uniforms

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. Not again - its can't be true that the MoD would resort to this in order to save money... again. Alledgedly.

    Surprise surprise. IMO, the MoD seem to be handing out contracts like dealing a pack of cards - whether it is do with clothing, catering. equipment, white-fleet cars, etc. And when you see what you're supposed to get in return, it looks utterly worthless. The contractors must of had one of the biggest piss-ups when completing these deals.
  2. i loved the fact that when this first came to the public attention no one really batted an eye lid, an Irish firm sub-contracting to a supplier in China to make British uniforms.

    Now that's what I call a boost to the UK economy..... :roll:

  3. What does CWS suppy (presumably not the Common Weapon Sight)?

    This is joined-up government. China is generally perceived as a long-term economic threat - so let's fuel her economy with our contracts.

    Blair wants to reach across the East-West divide by investing in China, which of course is rather a la mode.

    The People's Commissar for the Ethical Foreign Policy, Jack Straw, is concerned about human rights in China; but even a Paper Leopard can't change its spots, so rather than push for the sweatshops to be shut down, we might as well put business their way to keep the workers in a job.

    The MoD, enjoying the fruits of Brown's unstoppable economic improvement, is rather strapped for cash so goes for the cheapest bidder on the planet.

    Every morning over the papers I need to tell myself it is my country that I serve, not its government.
  4. Ah yes. The Chinese sweatshops, as predicted on ARRSE:

    Here's two more predictions:

    1 - it won't be long before some sort of 'internal inquiry' takes place in order to let everyone know that it was no-one's fault, not least any politician.

    2 - TCH will refuse to accept any responsibility at all, and will say that contract decisions are a matter for the civil servants.
  5. Good spot, VB. Or perhaps Ingram will be deployed to take the fall for this one. He is, after all, responsible/to blame for:

  6. Psychic, VB
  7. The US was caught a while back buying berets made in China. All hell hit the fan and an end was put to it.

    What a joke, people still think China is going to become a big consumer and importer of goods
  8. It will. But only of the goods needed to modernise its military for an invasion of Taiwan.
  9. China will never be a large importer of goods. Sure they buy some machinery they don't have now, but they only buy it once, then copy it for the rest.

    A big deal was made by the clinton administration in the late '90s of giving China a rear wheel drive, body-on-frame Buick sedan plant. China has no real need for such cars, but the plant when in operation in the US also built trucks when it wasn't building sedans. An Army needs trucks.
  10. RCS,
    The Spams only just managed to halt the sale of some nifty Israeli EWACs equipment to Beijing last year. The Ivans have since supplied bits and pieces for the airborne command-and-control essential for a successful - if unavoidably bloody - crossing of the Taiwan Straits. The PLA staged its first test-flights of a hybrid, DIY version based on the Ilyushin 76 last week. The countdown starts now, with the clock set to two years.
  11. There is no doubt of that!

    They will buy whatever they need. "Normalising" relations with China and opening world trade with them has allowed them to pursue it with a vengeance, and to pay cash!