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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RemeRocket, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. ok so I just joined up and it sucks but i cant ask and nobody seems to be telling me, so basically my question is:

    When do I salute an officer, and how do I recognize who to do this to?

    I get that I brace up to all officers, but is it just an officer in a command role (OC, CO?) that I would salute?

    And if I've heard an officer some times get reffered to as Mr Smith. Is that how a soldier should refer to them, or should it be Captain Smith?

  2. My bold.

    And in answer - ALWAYS. As for 'how do I recognise who to do this to' FFS. Learn your rank slides. Mark The Convict has even given you a handy cut out and keep picture.

    Oh - and a question. If you have 'just joined up and it sucks'. Why'd you join up?
  3. Sorry sir, I noticed the training forum afterwards..

    it sucks that i have to ask, the training is good fun.

    You ALWAYS salute officers, even Second Luitenants and the like?
  4. @RemeRocket

    A 2nd LIEUTENANT holds the Queens Commission therefore you salute him.

    Edited to add - And it's pronounced Leff tenant - unless you are a septic.
  5. You obviously fell asleep during the army rank structure lesson, or on an excused chit.
  6. Make sure to salute WO1s and WO2s as well. They appreciate the courtesy.
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  7. Actually, methinks the OP should request a deletion of his/her account cause as soon as the 'rest' wake up NAAFI or no NAAFI it's going to be tears before bedtime for such a ******* waste of bandwidth.

    Or, I'm calling Wah.
  8. Pretend you didn't see them!
  9. Wah oh wah lord do you send them all to me to die?
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  10. what the **** are they teaching you *****, god helps us
  11. It's not quite up there with the Snail has been mugged thread is it? Must try harder, or just go away.
  12. Salute an Officer every time if you are wearing headress. If no headress is being worn, then brace up
  13. Don't bother and refer to them as mate or mucker, they appreciate this as the formalities are as boring for them as they are for us
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  14. .
    **Reads OP ... Feints on floor ... Wakes up outraged ... About to type but realises it's a wah ... Although thinks it's probably not ... Goes back to Building a Wanking Machine thread.**
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