Army Education?

couldnt find this anywhere

but can you do degree's etc in the army ... my dream is to join the army but if i get in ill also be thinking of the future

can you do degree's in the army?
Quite easily. There are thousands of servicemen and women studying degrees with the Open University at any given time. It's flexible enough for most people, including lots of people on ops. You get reimbursed for travel to and from exams and tutorials and those day don't come off your leave entitlement either. It's mint.
You can also do a degree via Part-time distance learning, however time management is key & not to be under-estimated of the dedication and discpline required, another option other than OU.

I would suggest get up to speed with the education allowance system thats set in place, and don't be afraid to ask questions at the EC.
You can do a degree whilst serving, and you'll be offered a lot of help too.

Maybe it's changed, but when I was with the OU, well part-time anyway, I was entitled to:

£175 a year towards tuition fees. Also, you'll probably be eligible to spread your payments with the OU, rather than pay it all in one go.

Free transport to get to tutorials (not sure if this was a BFG specific thing, as the tutors were flown out to see us) - I was provided with a hire car a few times.

Residential schools (maximum of two per year) were classed as a duty (so it didn't come off of the annual leave card - although to get my unit to action this, I had to get somebody from the AEC to phone up my chief clerk). Residential schools were also payed for, if I remember correctly, by the army in addition to the £175. Although by the time you get round to doing a residential school, they'll probably be something else running (I think it's either going to be done online, or by attending the OU campus for a couple of weekends over the course), as the OU are phasing these out to offer cheaper alternatives.

Also, when in speak to your Chain of Command to let them know what you're doing, as mine were quiet helpful and even gave me the keys to an empty room for studying in. Don't ask directly, but if you casually mention to your OC or somebody else high-up that you're doing the OU thing, drop into the proceding conversation it's shame there's nowhere quiet to study, and you might be able to go to the SQMS armed with an "the OC said it was worth asking you if there's a room I could use to work in, in the evenings".
The Army have just started a trial with the first cohort of young Officers who will be completing a modular Bachelors degree as part of their career progression. It has been mapped across to cover subjects addressed at RMAS and then the mandated career courses through the early years of their career.

There is clearly a requirement to complete some additional assignments and only time will tell if it turns out to be a success or heard it here first folks!!!
As a Clerk of Works or Military Plant Foreman you will be awarded a foundation degree upon succesfull completion of your course. The RSME are running a BEng top up course (through Uni of Greenwich) which involves 2 residential courses at Chatham and some assignments to do in your own time. I got an HND through my Clk Wks course and got onto a BSc (Hons) course with no problems and was accredited with 5 modules of prior learning! Currently half way through my second year now. Whilst it is hard work it is worth it in the end. I have had a lot of support (both financial and time off) from the Army so certainly can't complain.

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