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Hi, not sure if this is being put in the right place to apologies if it's not.

Was just looking through the forums and saw people joining without gcses etc and they were going into infantry without getting a trade hoping to just redo their gcses, a levels and go onto a degree. I was just wondering if this is actually possible and if it's all paid for by the army and why people join the army without redoing gcses etc before leaving, thanks.
Personal choice, not everyone wants to take them again. Yes the Army can help you to retake and increase your educational qualifications. You may have to make a financial contribution but you’ll be doing it in work time where possible
Ive got a BA(Hons) Business Management which the army paid £6000 towards.
I joined with no qualifications.
So, yes its possible.
Ah thanks for the reply, did you have to redo gcses and a levels or could you already go onto it?
If you are over 23, or 24 you can get in as a mature student onto plenty of degree courses - being a Doc or tooth fettler requires A levels.

If you want to go to an actual bricks and mortar establishment, or do an online course run by a bricks and mortar establishment find out who the course admissions tutor/course leader is. Contact them directly, see if you have have a quick phone chat and arrange a day to come in for a face to face - it is more difficult for them to say no if they have met you.

I know a former navy Fleet Chief (WO) who had a couple of O levels and when he was in the navy got himself onto a management course citing his navy education and practical management experience - he got a DMS. I knew him after his time in the navy when he was doing a PhD in systems analysis and design.

I knew a former para who when he left at the year point used his 'management experience' as a JNCO to get onto an MBA course, which he passed with flying colours.

I got onto my first degree with a not too clever couple of O levels and walked away some years later with post-graduate quals.

Plenty of ex-forces go to uni, we used to have a table in the students union that we called the Sgt's Mess and used to hold 'Mess Meetings'. A right mixed bag including one of THEM, bleeps, crabs, paras, Loggies and even some navy and one STAB sniper.

If you have some rank above Pte. and want to do management studies related stuff then you do not need to do a degree. You should consider and push for going onto a Certificate in Management Studies, which is designed for junior managers and generally takes a couple of evenings a week for an academic year. That is followed by the Diploma in Management Studies, again similar timeframe. Then that is followed by a final year doing a module or two in strategic management and a dissertation/project, completion of that 3rd year gives you an MBA.

At the end of the day Uni's are businesses and need to put paying bum's on seats. You just need to convince them that they should let your bum be one of them for the CMS/DMS/MBA route. Plenty of people go that route who have never been to uni previously.

Good luck!:)

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