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Army Education Officers teach Gurkhas in Helmand

Mmmmm well since there are probably only 7 or 8 of them .....

I mean is this the best that MOD A can do?

Only the other day we had a warship arriving back from a trip around the known universe (just before being scrapped, probably), and before that was a warship using - whats it called? - courageous restraint in allowing pirates to fight another day (just before being scrapped, probably) and then there was the Sailor reported as guarding the whole British contingent in the ME.

Then we had the airforce firing several missiles.

And the best the army can report is that it is educating some Gurkhas.

May we now please have reports from the MOD (A) about the 5 year autumn leaf clearing plan from Hohne Garrison? Together with heartwarming stories of Gunner Snooks and his two broom, two bin, leaf sweeping apparatus.



Wasn't aimed at you Mr Sensitive. I was merely marvelling at the ETS teaching soldiers. They'll be letting them play sports with that nice Mr McFadyen from the Gymnasium next, just you wait and see.

Oh, is that the school bell? Best nip off before I miss my bus. It's Spag Bol tonight!


This a excellent idea , It is so nice to see British officers using their time to help other Gurkha Soldiers improve their education
You are a cretin with no understanding of the military or how it works, die

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