Army Education Officer talks about teaching in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Sep 28, 2012.

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  2. I see what you did there...
  3. But can a goat hearder convert it to a percentage? Or was it all a waste of time?
  4. If you sell 30 goats for 200 dollars and use the 200 dollars to buy 4 kilos of refined opium. That opium then sells for 2000 many AK's can you buy for 30 goats?
  5. He is teaching the troops, inside the wire.

    AEC chaps educate British troops, British troops educate the locals. Several schools in Afghanstan have had troops visit and cover Maths or something.

    His speaking Pashtu is a bit of a strange one, maybe he has done a tour with MSSG... a lot of teachers do. And CAMus lads. I'm not sure what he was talking to the locals about, could be education could just be what the day is like.
  6. Thye certainly yearn for knowledge over there, but the rate that schools are being dismantled as quick as we can build them is mind boggling.
    Local politics and interferance from the Taliban certainly make mainstream education for all over there a very difficult task.
  7. Bloke never went out on Patrol and speaks only the most basic Pashtu I'd take the article with an incredibly large pinch of salt.