Army due to go BANKRUPT!


You mean had enough money and had enough to drink.  It's a usual give away in any squaddie town where you are guaranteed to find some comedian wiping his brown eye with a crisp new fiver after crimping one off in some high street cashpoint facility.


Had enough of what Exactly????

I mean things are not really that bad surley??

I love the unit I'm posted to and have enjoyed all the past units I've been fortunate to serve with. Maybe I find it ok because like many other Corps blokes I get to move every few years and they do say a change is as good as a rest.

One of my Younger Brothers a Bdr in the RA is always going on about getting out cos its Sh1t.

He wants to transfer to PT corps now though and that has made him cheer up no end  :eek:?????

I truley believe its what you as an indevidual make of it, that helps a great deal, towards enjoying your place.




Someone on top of a hill near Salisbury told me the army was indeed bankrupt, but in the same breath told me his department had been asked if they could utilise £9M adback!
I think that one of the ways to achieve happiness, fulfilment and contentment in the army is to feel interested in and challenged by your job......

Say the job you had actually wanted when you went to the recruitment centre had actually had some vacancies instead of some ancient career-capped recruiting Sgt vaguely remembering that chefs always worked in warm tents or that VMs could fix your car hadnt suggested those as careers.....  Not that there is anything wrong with those jobs but if a VM sees an overheating brake drum, he should wonder whether it should be replaced and not daydream about doing a nice stir-fry in it......  Yep, a bit far-fetched perhaps but does the army do 'proper' psychometric testing to assess real suitability for jobs?  Or are we purposefully ramming square pegs into round holes and hoping that we can get at least three years out of someone before they bugger off or change trade?  Yep!  

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