Army Driving situation (recovery mechanic)...weird

Discussion in 'REME' started by Platoon, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Ive done my BARB etc etc, and have a full driving license but I've got 6 points on it.
    They said it has effected the amount of jobs open to me, obviously driving jobs... Im just confused to why Im not really able to do driving jobs because of my 6 points but CAN be a recovery mechanic, trained to drive BIG vehicles?! lol
  2. I know its confusing, Im offered job as recovery mechanic but not allowed to do stuff like driving in infantry etc because of the 6 points, which is a shame as i wanted to get some driving licenses as well as do some combat... I spose if i went infantry id still learn the basics like driving the landies etc? just not the bigger fun stuff :p
  3. i dont know tbh its not funny, its actually quite a pain in the ass, preventing me doing something i would have liked! oh well, just wondered if anyone knew recruiting criteria and if I could still get some driving licenses or experience in there? (if i went in as infantry not rec mech)
  4. So, let me see if I have this right.......your choice of career in the Army is totally dependent on what they will let you drive?
  5. nah, just its anoying/confusing why I can be a rec mech and not do any other driving jobs...
    and also I was/am interested in doing combat driving job, but obviously that seems to be out of question atm, if i went and did rec mech and got the licenses (im sure they cover quite a few) then surely if i transfered id be fine/qualified to drive for combat?
  6. Must you encourage them?
  7. As a Rechy mech you'll get every licence under the sun, eventually.

    What do you class as "combat driving"? I'm confused, and never heard that term before. Driving is driving, even on ops.
  8. You've never driven on the A1 Western Bypass during rush hour then?
  9. you go into infantry and can specialise eg mortar platoon, snipers, recce and can do driving too...
  10. Go Recy Mech you'll never look back, and you get to "drive for combat" whatever that is.

    As a Recy Mech you'll get the chance to serve with most cap badges over time and get to "do combat" as you put it.

    No matter what job you choose you'll do some form of driving one way or another. If it's driving thats your bag then join the RLC.
  11. Oh fella, what are you on about? Yes some lads get to drive (think Johnston Beharry) but is that all you want to do in the Army?

    SOunds to me like the recruiting staff have done you a favour. Not only will you be able to get qualified to drive some big wagons but you will also get a trade and in Recovery mechanic you have the chance to deploy forward (ie where the big bangs are).

    Life is about more than just driving and combat fella.
  12. nah i mainly want combat but in the combat books ive been given says you can specialise driving..? lol
    but yeah the rec mech sounds like a good job
  13. I think your very blinkered on these two points, driving and combat. If it's driving big trucks that flick your switch then go away and come back when you have less points on your licence, or if it's "combat" you want just go and join the Infantry, yes you'll be able to drive, mainly Landrovers, 4 Tonners and Warrior if you go Armoured Inf.

    Besides don't worry about the combat thing, you'll get a bit of that no matter who you join these days.
  14. ok thanks for that, wasnt sure how restricted you were, but if in infantry you still get a variety n drive too etc thats fine, infantry is what im mainly heading for i think then if not reme..
  15. Sure but if you go Light Role Inf you'll be driving nowt, you'll be using your boots.

    Just be sure what you want before you take the plunge.