Army Dog Unit Cap Badge

Can anybody help me please. Served in the army for six years from 1979 and was part of the army dog unit for four years. I left my coat unattended in a pub and some twat pinched my red dogs paw. :x :( Can anybody give me any info where I might be able to locate one? Any reasonable price would be considered. :wink:
Many thanks in anticipation. :)
A letter the the Army Dog Unit in Northern Ireland stating your course details and dates in province will enable you to purchase a replacement 'Dog Paw' for about £3.00 as they do not sell them to just anybody...... One sold on eBay for £35 before christmas!

This badge has been superseded by a Red Paw on Green Shoulder Patch within the unit, and is now used as an 'Old Boys' Association Pin.

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