Army dog survives eating "explosive"

Well it's gone one better than the little bugger that ate my stick of PE4 at the Maze!
Ironic then that it was probably **** he ingested.
I once heard of an ex sniffer dog from NI called "Semtex".


War Hero
Sounds like a team effort from Stumpy and the Emperor Mong against Toby.
craign said:
Telegraph article/quote]

'Oskins! When I said your dog liked bangers, I had sausages in mind!

Toby was treated on a drip with charcoal to soak up the poison and given drugs to control the swelling on his brain, which was causing fits.
'Fits'? micro-explosions, more like.

Just 24 hours after being treated, Toby was in good spirits.
Well, that just takes the biscuit. No sooner has he cleaned up on the semtex than he's raiding the bar.

Capt Clark told ITV News: "He's a lot perkier now thankfully. He's had something to eat, he's had something to drink for himself so things are certainly looking up."
"looking up"?

Whiskey and Semtex. Can't wait for his digestive tract to finish processing - be even better if someone tries to light one when he rips off :twisted:

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