ARMY Doctrine & Training News Number 22 - Summer 2006

I need to get hold of a copy of the above for the part 4 doctrine notes. The reason for this is that I'm currently in Australia (Therefore cannot access ARMYNET) and would like to share the knowledge with an Oz Mech. Inf. Major currently working up to go to the Sandpit.

Does anyone have an e-copy that they could send me, or know where I can get hold of one whilst in NSW?


Why can't you access Armynet? It's on the smae interwebby thing which you are using to post this?!
Indeeed sir, however it will only let you join if your details aren't "restricted".

My details would therefore appear to be, or more likely the website is having the same issues as the TA pay system and having a "not work" month (or three).

As a TA bod I am therefore caught up in these issues.

If it helps I can provide a email address to deliver the title document too.

Do you know whether the defence attache in Canberra would carry copies of the Army Doctrine and Training News, which he could post to a named person on an ADF Base?


Not sure what the 'Restricted' bit means in your Armynet issue? I have just had a squint in Armynet for you but now can't find ADTN at all! If you can tell me where it is then I'll find it for you.

The DA should certainly have it. Failing that try the Doctrine Retrieval Cell at DCDC or in fact anyone in the Land area of DCDC. They are there to support you!

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