Army doctor arrives in Holby Casualty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DigitalGeek, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Sitting here with Mrs Geek watching Casualty on the BBC. Latest consultant to appear is a Female Medical Corps Lt Col with an Australian accent. I really must protest.......It was hardly believable. She couldn't have been an Army Doctor, she knew what she was doing! :meditate:
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Kalm down, kalm down.

    She was acting- and you know that actors, like journos, don't exactly show life as it really is :hmm:
  3. crabby

    crabby LE

    Like most army medical corps personel acting knowledgable before prescribing combat smarties
  4. Ex_ex

    Ex_ex War Hero

    Blimey, they've got a cast member who can act? :omg:
  5. I think she was a colonel lieutenant, think they they were making a big issue about the quickclot thing too. Would she have got it though?!
  6. CRmeansCeilingReached

    CRmeansCeilingReached LE Moderator

    what the fuck are you on about?

    she's a trollop anyway. who would bin that little irish chick to do the old dog!??!
  7. Didint you see her rank? The pip was above the crown!!

    Edited due to excess cosumption of Carling Darling :winkrazz:
  8. CRmeansCeilingReached

    CRmeansCeilingReached LE Moderator

    no, i was looking for her tits :)
  9. i was looking at the irish birds! Definitely couldn't have been an Army doctor though, not one mention of brufen or a tubigrip
  10. Ah, y'see, these days it's all "six months off for stress".
  11. CRmeansCeilingReached

    CRmeansCeilingReached LE Moderator

    sorry i just read this properly. is it a wah? :)
  12. No Wah guarentee....honest
  13. CRmeansCeilingReached

    CRmeansCeilingReached LE Moderator

    am i being stupid, or are you?
  14. Gen up mate, the pip was above the crown......Fcuk, we must be right losers discussing casualty at half past ten on a saturday night
  15. CRmeansCeilingReached

    CRmeansCeilingReached LE Moderator

    fair enough. but your earlier post said (with appropriate degree of incredulity) "the crown was above the pip"!!!

    mong :)