Army Disposals for use by the ACF

After speaking to various people while trying to get hold of kit for my cadet det (in this instance ration packs) I was shocked by how much kit - clothing, equipment, food etc - is disposed of without thought to how it could be made use of by others. Just binning this stuff is a waste of taxpayers money if it can be re-used.

Can someone direct me to the department that deals with the disposals of clothing and equipment or provide a contact?

Many thanks
i advise you speak to your BOWO, he would be more than happy to assiist were he can.
When I used to be an AI in the ACF, all I did was pop along to my local TA Unit, and speak to the QM. Explained the sitaution, then he made sure that clothing / equipment / webbing found its way to my unit.

I also offered him my senior cadets as enemy on exercise, or just as general help when the TA had an event on - he bit my hand off for that.

It started to work so well, that whenever the TA went on exercise, I was able to help out with enemy forces (senior cadets), and any kit that "was written off" on the exercise was "donated" to my unit!

Also when I did my signals instructor course, I did the same thing, just went around Blanford Camp, knocking on doors and asking for help! Managed to arrenge for cadets to go up to Blanford for mini weekend exercises / look at life Royal Signals.

Also speak to your local Infantry unit (regular) as they will often help out with kit, as long as you have some senior cadets interested in joining their unit?


Your detachment will have a sponsor unit. (Not necessarily the same as your capbadge). Usually the nearest TA or Regular major unit. Call them, go and see them, whatever. You should be doing that anyway to assist with training etc so I am sure you know who they are.
we have just binned a sh1t load of disposables that we got told no-one wanted that had been sat waiting for a barbeque for years
When I was a QM we often helped out the local ACF with kit and equipment, no problems in doing it, so just contact your local friendly QM, or, as a previous posted suggested, your nearest BOWO who will often collate the kit for you from their regional Bns

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