Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by goatbagthedruid, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. Can't find anything like this anywhere else, will be happy if someone else can put me right.

    After reading the Article in Officers LINK about supporting our troops, thought it would be a good idea to list those sites which offer discounts for Army. I have a few:

    The Church (half price on entry)
    MOTO service stations
    Cotswold Outdoor
    Field and Trek

    BFPO places LESS op TOSCA get VAT free stuff from various places.

    Ellis Brigham DO NOT (Pikey bnggers!)

    Forces Discount Book link is on ArmyNet under Features on home page! Can't put link on.
  2. School boy error on the postings - damn this slow broadband!
  3. Do you get VAT free in BFPO over in NI?

    btw, Subway give you 12" for the price of 6" with ID card - saving you a whopping 1.50 ;)
  4. No..the post office switched onto this one. You used to be able to. They now have a list of which BFPO numbers are actually "overseas"
  5. Really? is this true?
  6. Not all the Subways I have been to are part of this, manager at one didn't know anything about it (it just happened he was the bloke serving me) - oh well.
  7. Amazon will give back the VAT if you are serving overseas and if the items have also been sent to the overseas address.

  8. Slightly off thread but I read recently that the Forces Railcard charge will increase from £2 to £12 for a year wef 1 Nov.