Army Discharge Types

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Gas Gas Gas, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. I have raised this in the Int Cell with not too much joy.

    I never got involved with discharges from the TA. I normally got roped in to attest the recruits. What are the various types of discharge available (Reg & TA) - in particular how they would be coded in the records?

    So far I have;

    SNLR - Service no longer required.

    DD - Discharged dead (?) [Might be a RN thing]
    Honourable (?)
  2. QRs 75 chapter 9 onwards I think
  3. As I now only reside on books of RARO I do not have access to QRs. :cry:
  4. For the TA all the discharge types can be found on ArmyNet in TA regs Chapter 5 Part 6 For OR's or Chapter 4 for Officers. The whole thing is Unclass and can be downloaded as PDF's for easy reference.
  5. Surely a better source of info than an unofficial website :D
    Happy I'm not in GGGs chain of command!
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Pity you don't have the ability to read his post just a few above yours.
  7. Thanks. Just logged into ArmyNet.
  8. Go to the local Med Centre when they have an STI clinic on; plenty of discharge types going on there.
  9. Hi what if anything can anyone tell me about Rfas and Ufas, are they the same? and if there is a recomendation of no service would they cross reference your name were one to apply 4 a diff service Navy Raf etc
  10. DAOR - Discharge As Of Right
    MD - Medical Discharge
    UFAS - Unfit For Army Service
  11. yea ok but what aboot RFAS
  12. RFAS - DISCHARGE = Released From Army Service, any idea?
  13. I thought that was the same as Services No Longer Required, just a politer way of saying it.
  14. OK Not sure about that, could very well be true though but why would they want to be polite about such a mater, and they are both down as Army Discharges, I am confused ahaha, it seems odd that they would have diff discharge types that meant the same thing, i not sure, the investigation continues, ta mate