Army Development Course (Junior)

Was told if I can't make AFC (H) for whatever reason (no places left etc) I would be offered a place at the Army Development Course for Junior entry and am wondering what the deal is with it. I know it's at ATR Bassingbourn and it lasts 22 weeks but am curious as to Regiments/Corps/Trades can train there. Any answers appreiciated. Thanks...
its 23 weeks now and based in Winchester, assk your recruiter and he can tell you all the jobs and capbadges that go there and also hould be able to give you a hand out :D
Thanks for that, another bloke also told me he was going Winchester instead of Bassingbourn, the Army really need to update their websites (Then again I guess their doing that now!). Again, thanks and I will get my recruiter to get me a handout. :D
unfortunately im in the same boat as you mate, passed selection a couple of months ago but i didnt manage to get a place in Harroagte as originally intended (got a nasty ingury before my first selection date so i had to put it back) so now im down on the reserve list.

on a related note incase anybody knows:
what are the chances someone will drop out and il get a place, do people drop out a few weeks early often?
i can definitely say that music corps junior entry train at winchester, coz ive been told thats where i'll be going, but as to other capbagdes, i really wouldnt have a clue!

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