Army Deer Stalking Course?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by 303SMLE, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. I am sure that I read an article about an army Deer stalking course that either resulted in DSC 1 or an equivalent, in the BASC magazine, or maybe Shooting Times. The course seems to have fallen under the heading of AT or similiar, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to find out more?

  2. Only ever heard of snipers doing for training mate
  3. Yeah, it definately wasn't in a 'green' context, it was some kind of AT course and the photos had lots of Brigadiery types in barbours standing around looking decidedly chuffed with themselves. (Only Majors and above can look chuffed, Captains and below merely look pleased)
  4. I know of no pukka Army course - but there are procedures for it somewhere. I know my Battalion's done it. You need someone in the Bn who owns large tracts of Scotland (with Deer on it, preferably), mountains of paperwork and some proper deer-killing round to fire through the L96, Green Spot not good enough....
  5. I was on a MLT course last Nov up in Ballachulish and some of the guys there came straight from Deer Stalking onto the MLT, I believe it was a civi course they were on and the lads were from the cheshires.
  6. You are after defence deer management. they will sponsor you through the DSC1 once you have proven yourself to be keen and competent. You then join as an assistant deer manager and cull on the training areas local to where you are within the imposed culling plan. I'm out of the office at the moment and have forgotten the name of the bloke who runs it - he is a major down in land.

    I have a copy of the procedures and the guide in my office which gives all necessary information. will post when i return to work
  7. I've been back in the UK for 2 years now but I know that they ran a hunting course in JHQ or thereabouts and possibly up in the Hohne Fally area as the FSA at 3 RHA was very hunting (it might have been the job you never know :))
  8. Mr O - with all the deer skulls on the wall.

    That was the recognised hunting licence, jagd something. very expensive to do in UK. they even take you to the local pet zoo, as an aid to 'target recognition' cos if you shoot the wrong thing, it can be very expensive to get out of the mire.

    you have to pay the farmer who owns the land where you shot it - an 8 point stag will cost you a few thousand euros
  9. Theres the BFG course to get the german hunting licence in run in sennelager, although i dont know how to find out anymore on it
  10. There was a time when landowners used to invite units to help them with culling in obscure and inaccessible locations. With more and more TOPL being denied due to the hunting ban I'd be surprised if any landowners were co-operating any more.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Jagdschein is ruddy expensive and commits you to a lot of hard work and expense. Stalking in the UK is a much cheaper option and although normally an officer type thing there should be little reason for or's to get involved. Stalking in the Army used to be managed through the BDS Military section which had a secretary. It used to be that most of the time it was left to trg area oc's to organise. Nowadays with milder winters and the explosion in the deer population it would be good to see the army fund through AT a decent course or series of courses in deer management that would help outside.
    I got into it after leaving and wish like many courses that I didnt know existed that I had the chance.
    I still kick myself for turning down the chance to be Bn Butcher in Munster. The pad had been caught flogging meat so they wanted a young singly to do it. I was still green and wanted to play soldiers. Butchery has always interested me as any who have seen my wiring will attest!
    Defence deer management
  12. 303 - if you're still interested in this, PM and I'll do some digging.

    One of my old bosses seemed to do little else apart from organise this kind of activity for the Army - seemed to be all sorts of people involved with it as well.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It would be nice if spare places (if any) were available to ex servicemen. I noticed that you didnt have to stay in the forces to remain a member but it seemed that you had to have joined before leaving!
  14. There was a Flt Sgt at Winterbourne Gunner who is big into deer management on MoD land. I'll see if I can find my big red book with his name in it.
  15. Ask the secretary at Lee Enfield Rifle Association (LERA; he is military, culls deer for MoD and seems to know about most civ/mil shooting courses available.