Army Debt

Hi guys just a bit of advice needed my son got discharged on the 30th of april' was escorted to the main gates. They knew he was homeless and jobless .he was paid till the 30th of april .never recived any more pay' today he recived a letter informing him he owed the army 500 pounds' direct debit form enclosed the money owed was from a fine and pay he seemingly got while serving a jail sentence in nov / dec 2009 his final pay in april was 400 pounds short of his normal pay he as been paying back from jan the money for fines ..Before you all jump on the band wagon ..yes he was 18 and silly thrown out ..but how does he stand with this money owed >personally as a ex soldier i cant understand how they discharged him owing money ..any help on the matter would be appriciated
It is not uncommon to discharge someone owing money. Follow the counter argument, a man will just need to maintain debt to stay in the Army. The heart of this is whether he owes the money or not. If he does, he needs to pay it back. If he disputes the debt, he should challenge it through the correct channels.


Soldier's have always been able to be discharged with a debt. Isn't a high percentage but it happens.
Way back when I worked in a FCPO (The predecessor to Glasgow) an ex-soldier sent back his letter asking for repayment to the civil servant who signed it. His message 'Dear Mrs xxxxxxx, go **** yourself'.
The debt was written off.
Thanks ....Oldbaldy seems to have the answer i was looking for
Gazzer, just be weary - the days of simply writing shit off have gone. The pot is empty and every attempt is being made to claw back debt - especially as SPVA will be overseeing the repayment. They have a very good system for post-service debt recovery. Not saying you shouldn't follow baldy's hint, but just asking you to be cautious!

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