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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ozduke, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. One of the best things I've discovered about the Aussie Army since transferring are what are known as "Darganisma". A Dargan is anyone from the SGTs Mess and a Darganism is a word or phrase that highlights - in a Del Boy kind of way, their lack of a real education.

    A few examples if I may;

    1. "Irregardless of your statement."
    2. "I am being pacific about it."

    Well I've just found a belter on my old Bn site;

    "It was all part of the learning kerb of being in the Bn" Brilliant!!!!!!!!

    Please send other examples so I can show off to all my new mates here!
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Now I may not be as well educated as you my young spunker - but this is either careless or indicates someone else's lack of education.

    I hope a 'Dargan' slaps some sense into you one day you pompous boy.
  4. And there might also be a missing apostrophe in your opening gambit.
  5. My god - the Oz Army must be so pleased to have such a well-bred young thruster as yourself. I would love to know what a 'real' education is.
  6. Heh....just removing my monocle...that's better. How would I know? My dad purchased my commission for me. Tally ho...what. :)

    Speaking as another Aussie officer, who has hijacked this cucumber sandwich eating, chai sipping lads thread whilst he is out of the room...he does have a good point.

    There are some piss funny 'darganisms' about. Lack of real education...don't know about that...just a different sort of 'education' that only 25 years in the army can provide.

    One I have experienced:

    'Hey sarge...just throw that whip antenna out the window for me will you'.

    'Are you sure sir?'


    'No worries'.


    'Ummm...perhaps I should have explained more carefully....I meant please erect the antenna for me Sergeant'.
  7. So... He followed your badly though-out instructions to the letter and now you're rubbishing him for it?

    I strongly suspect that when they autopsy your body they will be digging 5.56mm out you, rather than 7.62...
  8. Do you mean that Joe Mangle was a real chap and is in the Aussie Army? Strewth Bouncer!
  9. Can all the Class Warriors please get a life and enjoy the funny stories?
    P1sstake is a 2 way street - it doesn't mean lack of respect or love for the men and SNCOs....just humourous observations. You won't see many old and bold ones pleading for restraint in the WO and Sgts Mess to not rip the mickey out of various (deserved) rupert-related clangers. Nor should you.
  10. Slightly off-thread but a tale of zealous obedience told by a Prison Warden at Dartmoor who'd locked his keys inside his car. He sought out one of the lags who was in for car theft: -

    SCREW: Hello mate, I wonder if you could do me a favour. Silly thing but I locked my keys into my car. Given the reason you're here in the first place, any chance you could break into my car, pretty please.

    LAG: Ok, you are sure though aren't you.

    SCREW: Oh yes please, sure as I'll ever be and very very grateful, thank you.

    Lag picks up a brick and hoofs it through the screw's windscreen. Job Done!
  11. Absobloodylutely.
  12. Damn it...I've always I understand where I went wrong...

    Next time it'll be an full O Gp with pretty pictures and a practical demonstration...
  13. It is clear that we must dismantle this thread here and remantle it elsewhere. No honest boss, remantle is a real word....
  14. That's the spirit!!
  15. Please accept this as a darganism (from a dargan): glad you buggered off to australia, we can get on with working together in the real army now you've gone you pompous arrse. should i put "sahhhh" in a windsor daviesesque manner at the end so you can show your new friends?

    ps check this little gem out it may expand your vocabulary